8 Ways This Storytelling Toy Will Make Your Kids Want To Put Down Their Screens


Becoming a parent means adding plenty of new concerns to your list. Let’s take screen time, for example. The World Health Organization recommends no more than one hour of screen time a day for kids under five. It’s on us as parents to raise the next generation to be healthy, curious, and creative. Luckily, there’s a solid, interactive option outside of the tablet that kids go bananas for.

Enter Storypod, a must-have toy and educational tool, and also your child’s new BFF. It’s a magical, figurine-activated speaker that lets kids engage with all sorts of stories, music, books, and games.

What sets this product apart is a playful little figurine called a Craftie, which attaches to the device and becomes your child's new bestie. The Craftie also has a hidden chip that, when placed on the speaker, brings the experience to life via cloud-enabled technology.

What's more, Romper readers can get Storypod for 50% off at its pre-sale launch on Kickstarter on June 30. For one day only, get half off any Storypod set, all with amazing Craftie characters and audio content.

Here are the top reasons your kiddos will love this incredible podcast toy — and you will, too. Make sure to put in your advance order for a discounted Storypod, starting June 30th!

1. It Makes Learning Feel Like Play


Perhaps the best part of this toy is that kids get excited to listen and learn in a whole new way! They’ll want to show you (and all of their friends) what they’re up to, and all of the things the Storypod can do. It’s a new cool gadget, and who doesn’t love that?

Curious parents can check out the Starter Set for a taste of the experience at a discounted price. It comes with the Storypod speaker and full setup, as well as the Craftie Fox with a 90-minute original story, and myCrafite, which lets you record up to 100 minutes of your own stories via the Storypod app. All this for just $75!

2. It’s Highly Customizable


We all know that kids of this age love to be creative and make something theirs. Storypod itself is also something they can make their own, with interchangeable sleeves and a range of Crafties to switch up the aesthetic. Not to mention, the kids can choose their favorite stories and curate them all in one place.

The Mix Set is great for mixing and matching. It comes with seven Crafties of your choosing, as well as the Storypod speaker and everything you need to shake up the experience (for only $119).

3. It Makes Less Screen Time And More Story Time


Because Storypod is audio-based, there’s none of the zoning out that can happen with screen time on tables, phones, or TV. Plus, no temptation to get distracted by another app. (Even us adults know how easy that is). The experience is still exciting, but it’s about listening, learning, and playing — not idly watching.

4. It Features Characters They Know And Love


Engaging content aside, the Crafties themselves are downright adorable. And while Storypod has original Crafties, there are also licensed options that feature characters from their favorite classic stories. Examples include fairy tale favorites like Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel, as well as historical icons.

It can be hard to choose, but luckily, you don't have to. The Complete Set comes with all 20 Crafties, plus the Craftie Fox with a 90-minute original story, and myCraftie for 100 minutes of self-recording. And, of course, the Storypod speaker and whole setup is included. That means you get the standard sleeve and lanyard, Crafties booklet, and USB-C charging cable all for $249.

5. Parents And Kids Can Record Their Own Stories


Imagine a favorite bedtime story that nobody tells quite like Grandma. How about that one story Dad tells that your little one can't get enough of? What about your child honing their storytelling chops and telling a creative tale of their own? With the myCraftie, you can record up to 100 minutes of stories from the Storypod app, which will play in the speaker. Does it get more fun than that?!

6. It Can Tell Your Kids Stories In Multiple Languages


Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the US, and Storypod gives your kids a head start in learning it in a fun engaging way. The product is bilingual, with all the stories available in both English and Spanish. That will give them the ability to learn words through stories they’ll already know naturally.

7. It’s Age-Appropriate


Designed for ages three and up, the Storypod content is created to meet the educational and entertainment needs of your child, wherever they are on their journey. There can be big differences in terms of what kids find exciting between ages and stages, and Storypod’s original content is designed with that in mind.

8. It’s Not Just About Stories


We love story time as much as the next parent, but the Storypod is much more than a simple storytelling machine. There are also interactive, educational Q&A sessions, a fun selection of age-appropriate mini-games (including a Simon memory challenge to sharpen your kids' memory), and a wide range of music to meet their mood and preferences. Have you found your kid's new favorite toy? We think so.

This article is sponsored by Storypod.