8 Ways To Protect Your Hair In The Winter So You Can Flaunt It Come Spring

Winter is here, and with it, the joys of brittle, dry, static-ridden hair. From hat hair to split ends, winter seems to have the power to turn bad hair days into an entire bad hair season. Whether you live in a moderate climate, or you’re braving the great white north, there are plenty of ways to protect your hair from the winter season.

In order to save your hair from the worst of winter wear, there’s a chance you’ll need to adjust your morning routine. Leaving the house with damp hair can freeze your strands and make them more prone to breaking. Not much of an outdoor player during the winter months? Indoor heating can tax your hair just as much as much as blow drying it every day. With all of these winter dangers, what’s a girl to do? Paying attention to what your strands are telling you during the chilliest months of the year can save you pain and strife in the long run. To find out how to protect your hair int he winter, I spoke to stylist Max Tyler of Antonino's Salon. By keeping in mind a few of his simple rules, you can maintain luscious locks, even in the dead of winter.


Don't Leave The House With Wet Hair

Leaving the house with a wet head might be acceptable in the warmer months, but once the chill sets in, don't even think about it! "If you're leaving the house with wet hair, you're subjecting your hair to freezing, and even breakage," Tyler says. He recommends blow drying your hair before heading out the door. If drying your hair every day isn't an option for you, try showering the night before, so your hair can dry naturally.


Don’t Wash Too Often

Though this is a cardinal rule for all seasons, it's especially important in the winter months, says Tyler. Over washing your hair can leave your strands dry, and prone to split ends.


Don’t Forget To Wear A Hat

The best way to protect your hair from the elements? Wear a hat. Not only can this hide a bad hair day, but it gives you the opportunity to play around with hairstyles that lend themselves to wearing a hat throughout winter."


Invest In A Humidifier

If you really, really, really love your hair, you'll invest in a humidifier. "Extra moisture in the air will only help your hair," Tyler says. Bonus? It'll help with your dry skin, too.


Don’t Overprocess Your Hair

"If you bleach or perm your hair, consider stretching the time between your appointments," Tyler says. "Over processing your hair in the winter will leave your hair brittle and tough to work with."


Don’t Use Too Much Product

"Too much product will only contribute to drying out your locks," says Tyler. Try styles that don't require too much help from hairspray or hair gel.


Don’t Skip Conditioning

If you have oily hair, you may skip conditioning from time to time. During the driest months? Not so much. "Conditioning your hair each time you wash is key," Tyler says. "Consider a deep condition every other month to really hydrate your hair." He adds that conditioning properly will help prevent static, too. Double win!


Don’t Skip Your Haircut

"Trim your hair often," says Tyler. "Keeping up with split-ends keeps your hair looking healthy, and keeps your stylist from having to cut off too much at a time." Keep your hair appointments through the season, even though you might not think you need to. Split-ends are actually more common during winter months, so schedule a trim every four to six weeks.

By practicing these haircare tips, your locks will survive the winter and shine come springtime.

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