9 4th Of July Games For Adults

by Irina Gonzalez

No matter what your feelings about the current political climate, the 4th of July is the perfect time to focus on how far the nation has come since the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Today, every citizen over the age of 18 has the right to vote, women have the right to choose (for now), and LGBTQ individuals folks all across the country can choose to marry and live happily ever after (again, for now.) And no celebration is complete without some 4th of July games for adults.

This 4th of July, you might be tempted to throw a fabulous backyard BBQ or pool party, and you need to entertain your guests. And one way to have fun is with adult-themed games that turn your backyard into party central. You already know the essential elements that make your party the bash of the year, such as delicious food, desserts, and drinks. But having a good party game can make things all that much more fun.

From a Hamilton-themed game of musical chairs to a red, white, and blue version of cornhole, here are nine 4th of July party games made just for adults. (Sorry kids — you can't have all the fun.)


Independence Day Costume Contest

If you have a creative group of friends, Reader's Digest suggested you host an Independence Day costume contest. Ask everyone to come wearing their favorite patriotic gear and give out prizes for the top looks. Give the prizes funny names likePopping With Patriotism and Most Like Lin-Manuel Miranda, and your crew is guaranteed to have a good time.


American History Trivia Challenge

Who doesn't love a good trivia game? According to CBS Boston, your 4th of July party will be all that much better if you challenge your friends to an American history trivia game. Try competing in teams or have everyone going at it on their own to see who knows the most about the nation's history. Make sure to designate the most charismatic person you can find as the host and don't forget to pick up cheap bells or buzzers at the local dollar store for the authentic game show feel.


Lawn Beer Pong

You're not in college anymore, so it's time to step up your old beer pong game for 4th of July, according to Bustle. Try a giant game of beer pong by playing lawn pong with all of your favorite friends and family. Make your own version by scouring Pinterest and get ready to have a really great time.


Hamilton-Inspired Musical Chairs

Who doesn't remember loving musical chairs from your kiddie days? Recreate all of the fun during your 4th of July bash by using music from Broadway phenomenon Hamilton to set the mood. Before you can sing "My name is Alexander Hamilton," your guests will be clamoring for the last chair.


Water Balloon Dodgeball Fight

Water balloon fights were the absolute best as a kid, amirite? Recreate all of the fun with a dodge ball version of one, according to the aforementioned Reader's Digest article. Here's how you do it: Buy red, white, and blue water balloons and then divide into two groups. If you get hit and soaked, you're out. The last one standing wins, of course.


4th Of July Scavenger Hunt

Create a special 4th of July-themed scavenger hunt for some fun times, according to the aforementioned CBS Boston article. Make sure to make it adult-friendly by including some adult beverages and fun adult topics of conversation for the categories. Finally, have a few prizes handy for those that complete the list, such as an extra-special patriotic dessert.


Red, White & Blue Cornhole

Depending on where you grew up, cornhole may have been a normal part of your childhood. Try it again as an adult by playing with red, white, and blue bags. You can also try creating your own cornhole board and painting it to fit the theme of the day.


Patriotic Card Games

An easy way to make an adult party more adult-themed is by playing naughty and very not child-friendly card games, such as Cards Against Humanity, according to the aforementioned Bustle article. You can customize the cards to be all about politics and history. Or play Exploding Kittens just as the fireworks begin later on that night for some extra fun and funny times.


American Hero Pictionary Or Charades

According to the aforementioned Reader's Digest article, putting a patriotic spin on these classic games is easy if you use your own index cards. Try writing down the names of famous American heroes and places, like Thomas Jefferson, the Washington Monument, and more. Your friends are sure to delight in the day's festivities.