9 '80s Kids Toys That Desperately Need To Come Back Into Our Lives

I sometimes feel a little old for the fact that I have all this knowledge, but I know the '80s pretty well. And while there are a million things that I don’t want to see repeated (looking at you, acid-wash denim), there are also a ton of things that I loved about that decade. OK, well, to be specific, it was all about the amazing kids' toys from the '80s.

It seems I’m not the only one: Toys from the '80s have been making comebacks for years now, garnering popularity among people who were literally not even alive for any of the '80s. Some have met with great success, and others, not so much (I’m looking at you now, Pound Puppies). Some are trying to mess with the old formula, and to me, that’s never a good idea. My daughter adores my original Cabbage Patch Kids just the way they are. Regardless, there seems to be an endless amount of fodder to choose from when looking to revive a successful '80s toy.

Some of my favorites have been left by the wayside, though, and I’m here to remind (or enlighten, if you’re too young) you of some particularly fantastic moments in the toy world of the 1980s. So if you’re out there and reading this, successful toy companies looking for a sure thing (because surely, this is where you would turn for tips about products to develop), take a walk down this memory lane.

Glo Worm

Forget about that new version they’re shilling out there. That one barely even looks like a worm, has only two segments, and the face is far too animated. No, we need a soothing, sleepy-looking snuggle bug. Bring him back! (OK, so the new one is actually fine and adorable, but messing with this classic is like rewriting my childhood and it kind of pains me.)

Pogo Ball

I may be dating myself a bit, here, but I had one of these. It was pretty much my favorite thing for an entire summer. And what a great way to get kids moving, right? For the record, mine was blue and magenta. ~Killin' it~.


I'm sorry, but Sindy was so much better than Barbie. She was a real shape, with real proportions, and she had real lashes. And she was way classier. Sindy had a gorgeous house with a working elevator, silverware, a classic dining room table, and so much more. It’s a tragedy that she didn’t make it.

Speak & Spell

I mean, sure, there are obviously a ton of spelling apps available now. But there was just something special about a gadget devoted entirely to spelling. Nothing to distract kids, not even any pictures. Which kind of prepares them for the world of grown-up books, no?

Get In Shape, Girl!

So, I can very reasonably see a backlash on this one happening if it were released in 2016 (maybe they could work on the name?), but I honestly loved it at the time. In an era when kids are spending more and more time in front of their screens, this would be a fantastic “toy” to bring back. I had the ribbon and rhythm set, and I loved that ribbon.

She-Ra Princess of Power

An action toy for girls, instead of just a doll? Yes, please. She-Ra was powerful (duh, her last name was “Power”) and knew how to wield a weapon, not just a hair brush. Sign me up for more of that forever until I die.


I honestly don’t know what is so appealing about these dolls, except that they were very cuddly and adorable (which, now that I think about it, is probably all the appeal the need).

My Little Pony

I know they rebooted the series and the doll line, but they don’t even look like ponies anymore! I mean, their "legit pony-ness" was always a bit of a stretch, what with the pastel colors and sparkly butts, but now? Now they look more like My Little Bambi or something.


I didn't even really play with them. It was all about collecting them and admiring your favorites, am I right?