9 '90s Boy Toys You Should Still Encourage Your Daughter To Play With Today

Though the '90s weren't necessarily known for gender inclusive toys or encouraging little girls to break out of stereotypes, they were known for one thing: awesome toys. Especially for boys. Though it's a shame that more people didn't encourage little girls to use them too, there are definitely some '90s boy toys you should encourage your daughter to play with today. Just think of all the hours of fun '90s girls missed out on playing with our Easy Bake Ovens and Furbys when we could have been outside getting our hands dirty with Tonka Trucks or some other toy marketed mostly to boys. (Though there's absolutely nothing wrong Easy Bake Oven. Furby on the other hand. . . WTF?)

Take my daughter for example, she's only two years old and while she's very nurturing and kind, and pretends to breastfeed her dolls, she has an amazing imagination and can play outside for hours. Her favorite TV show is Thomas the Train and she loves playing with her pretend lawn mower outside and digging in the dirt. As a mom, I think it's important to raise my daughters in a way that makes them feel like they can do anything a boy can do— starting with the toys they play with.


Tonka Trucks

Because what's cooler than a girl who likes trucks? Seriously, these aren't just for the boys.


Lincoln Logs

Like big wooden legos, Lincoln Logs let you build log cabins to your heart's content. Let her stretch her creativity (and gender stereotypes) with a set of Lincoln Logs.


Super Soakers

There are no rules that say water fights are just for boys— and even if there were, who cares? Super Soakers are fun no matter your age or gender.


Pokémon Cards

Pokémon was everywhere in the '90s and, for whatever reason, was largely enjoyed by boys. My 2-year-old's favorite Pokemon is Pikachu, what's yours?



The same concept as Legos, K'Nex let you build whatever your imagination thought up. And, from my experience, girls have pretty amazing imaginations too.


The Talk Boy

Though there was a "Talk Girl" too, it was obviously just a difference in color. And besides, Kevin from Home Alone had one, so what's not to love?


Hot Wheels

Like Tonka Trucks, there's no reason why a girl can't enjoy Hot Wheels as much as the next guy.


Teksta Dog

All the benefits of a real dog but without the potty training and mess. Kind of.


Gameboy Color

Yes, you can still buy these. The games have advanced a little bit (read: A LOT) in recent years, but there's still something nostalgic about the classic '90s toy that started it all.