9 '90s Hairstyles Every Cool Girl With A Scrunchie Rocked

The ‘90s were a glorious decade. Shows like Friends and Seinfeld graced our TV screens, N'Sync and The Backstreet Boys fought for our hearts, and America Online gave everyone the chance to connect to the Internet (via dial-up, of course). This was also the time of some interesting style choices: flannel everything, chokers galore, and high-waisted jeans. And when it came to beauty there were iconic ‘90s hairstyles all the teenage girls demanded when they went to the salon.

From Sarah Michelle Gellar to Britney Spears to, of course, Jennifer Aniston, superstars were wearing some pretty cool hairdos in the '90s, and obviously every '90s girl wanted to emulate them. Some of these iconic looks were totally adorable and some were, well, questionable. But regardless of what we think of them now, we can't deny that they were all the rage back then.

For any '90s girl who spent hours styling her hair on the weekends, or went to the hairdresser to get an up-do for the prom, looking through these styles will be a complete blast from the past. You'll be in awe over the hairdos you used to rock and maybe secretly, wish they would come back in style again.


The Flip

Even 12-year-old Mary-Kate and Ashley were in on this fun, flirty trend.


The Front Strands

Wear your hair up, then pull down some strands on either side. But for what purpose?


The Shoulder-Length Bob

Posh Spice, Ally McBeal, and Angela Chase all thought this trendy hairstyle was all that and a bag of chips.



Scrunchies were the finishing touch on any outfit — extra points if your it was the exact shade of green as the green on your sweater, like Lisa Turtle.


The Slicked Back Updo

This must have given us all a terrible headache.



Every decade has at least one "what the hell were they thinking" trend — and crimping was the '90s'.



Just in case you started suddenly craving sushi, you were always prepared.


The Rachel

Everybody wanted to be Rachel Green, with her job in the fashion industry, her romance with Ross, and most of all, her amazing haircut.


Butterfly Clips

The quintessential 90s cool-girl accessory right here. Because who wouldn't want plastic insects keeping up their hair?

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