9 Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, Because Kids Shouldn't Have All The Fun


I come from a fairly competitive family and, as a result, games are a part of every family gathering. Thanksgiving pie is paired with a round of Greek Rummy. Christmas dinner is followed by a loud Catchphrase competition. And Easter brunch always ends in a high-stakes Easter egg hunt. Even as an adult, the weeks leading up to Easter are filled with serious smack talk between my sister, my cousins, and I. And, in more recent years, we've sought new ways to honor this timeless tradition and have implemented some adult Easter egg hunt ideas to make the game more age-appropriate.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a game that ends with me getting hoards of chocolate and candy. But I also don't mind getting some more practical items at the end of the hunt. I also enjoy adding a bit of challenge to our yearly competition. In recent years, the hiding places have become more subtle and we even added a Golden Egg to the hunt. (And before you think we're fancy AF, it's not an actual egg made of gold. Though that would be amazing.)

So whether you're celebrating with your now grown-up family or a group of friends, here are some wants to make your Easter egg hunt a little more adult-friendly. Because, there's no reason the tradition has to stop once you enter the real world.

1. Egg-cellent Jello Shots

Who said those plastic eggs were just for candy? The Huffington Post has a great tutorial for making Jello egg shots that'll turn your holiday around. Though, if you do choose this route, make sure all participants are of the proper age.

2. Confetti-Filled Eggs

This fun — and slightly messy — twist on the Easter egg hunt comes from Oh Happy Day. Create a dozen or so confetti-filled eggs and set one aside that contains gold glitter. Hide your eggs as you would a normal hunt, and let the searching commence. Once you've gathered all your eggs, you smash them on one another's head to reveal what's inside. Whoever is covered in gold glitter wins a special prize. Or, you know, just ends up super sparkly.

3. Truth Or Hare

A classic childhood game gets the Easter treatment. Fill your plastic eggs with pieces of paper that have either a truth or dare written on them. Take turns picking at random and completing the designated dare or spilling the truth. And if your friends fail to oblige, have them take a shot. It's all in good fun.

4. Fitness Finds

Do you run with, well, a running group? Or do you consider your CrossFit crew a second family? Then they'll love this Easter egg hunt. Fill plastic eggs with various exercises, complete with how many to perform. Take turns picking and executing these tasks. It's a themed way to get in a good workout and burn off the chocolate you're bound to eat that day.

5. Hidden Nips

Again, this will have to be a 21-and-over hunt. Instead of filling eggs with candy, stuff them with small bottles of your favorite booze. And, as with Easter candy, you can decide if you want to consume it all in one day or spread it out throughout the upcoming weeks.

6. Tiny Beauty Tools

Spring means you'll be needed new shades of lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish. Hide some miniature products in plastic eggs so you people can test out which hues look best.

7. Snapshot Scavenger Hunt

Put your selfie-taking skills to use. Write down some themed-items people have to take pictures or videos of (a real bunny, cracking an egg on their head, etc.) and put the paper in multiple Easter eggs. As everyone documents their hunt, have them share the photos to Instagram using a designated hashtag.

8. Small Sex Toys

You'll def have to keep the kids away from this kinky Easter egg hunt. Gather a few of your girl friends (and guy friends too) for a hunt that leads to some pleasure-inducing, pint-size sex toys.

9. Easter Yankee Swap

This one comes straight from the Rocketto-Arsenault family. In order to save some stress and money around Christmastime, we now use Easter as a way to exchange gifts. Each cousin comes to the hunt bearing an egg that's filled with a gift. Then, as with Yankee Swap, we take turn selecting, opening, and swapping gifts till everyone walks away with something.