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9 Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, Because Kids Shouldn't Have All The Fun

by Leah Rocketto and Cat Bowen
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Every year, parents dutifully fill and hide eggs all over their house and yard for their children’s Easter egg hunt. It’s a time-honored tradition, and brings joy to all the kids. But what about the grown-ups? Shouldn’t they also have fun? These adult Easter egg hunt ideas prove that parents can have just as much fun in the hunt as kids — if they do it right.

Sure, traditional Easter egg hunts are fun and all (hello, candy!) but winning a competition against a group of children feels a bit rude. And while I love Reese’s cups more than the average human, I also wouldn’t mind getting some more practical items at the end of the hunt. Plus, adding a bit of challenge to the yearly competition seems only right if adults are engaging. Or, barring that, just adding some good old vino or beer seems enough to lighten the spirits of those playing.

These ideas run from the extravagant to the silly and everywhere in-between. If you have a group of competitive players, you could even up the ante by timing it, or making a few fun wagers. (If I win this year, my brother and sister-in-law owe so much babysitting.) The trick is to just have fun with it, and maybe hide some of it from the kids.


Egg-cellent Jell-o Shots

Who said those plastic eggs were just for candy? The Huffington Post has a great tutorial for making Jell-o egg shots that'll turn your holiday around. Though, if you do choose this route, make sure all participants are of the proper age.


Truth Or Hare

A classic childhood game gets the Easter treatment. Fill your plastic eggs with pieces of paper that have either a truth or dare written on them. Take turns picking at random and completing the designated dare or spilling the truth. And if your friends fail to oblige, have them take a shot. It's all in good fun.


Hidden Nips

Again, this will have to be a 21-and-over hunt. Instead of filling eggs with candy, stuff them with small bottles of your favorite booze. And, as with Easter candy, you can decide if you want to consume it all in one day or spread it out throughout the upcoming weeks.


Tiny Beauty Tools

Spring means you'll be needing new shades of lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish. Hide some miniature products in plastic eggs for a fun self-care hunt.


Snapshot Scavenger Hunt

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Put your selfie-taking skills to use. Write down some themed-items people have to take pictures or videos of (a real bunny, cracking an egg on their head, etc.) and put the paper in multiple Easter eggs. As everyone documents their hunt, have them share the photos to Instagram using a designated hashtag.


IOU Hunts

Fill the eggs with coupons reading one of several possibilities. Have a bunch of them read something fun like “good for candy,” and have a few reading “You’re iced” (obviously the same as hiding a Smirnoff Ice), but have a few great prizes like a night of babysitting, a bottle of wine, or movie tickets. Have everyone chip in.


Cold Hard Cash

This one works best with a big group. Everyone pitches in some cash, and you convert it to a few big bills and a lot of singles. Someone will find those big bills, and most just find singles. It becomes a little cutthroat.


Make Your Own Bath Bomb Hunt

OK, this one is good for kids, too. But last year I learned that plastic eggs make fantastic bath bomb molds. You can either buy a kit or use a recipe. Make the bombs and leave them in the molds. Hide them around the house for your spouse over the season, and have them hide some for you. When you find one, you get to take a bath. It’s both a showing of love and a fun hunt.


For Couples (Or More, I'm Not Judging)

It's simple: dirty messages in each egg. Maybe one is “take off your shirt.” Another might be “lick here” with a picture. Just make sure you find all the eggs before your kids wake up.

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