9 'American Horror Story' Gifts To Delight & Terrify The Horror Fan In Your Life

If there's anything to be said about American Horror Story, one thing's for sure: It inspires an uber-passionate fandom. Whether viewers of the long-running horror anthology series are gathering on its prolific subreddit to complain about unsatisfying season-enders or theorizing about anything and everything, AHS is one of the shows you either love or hate. In the event that you have someone of the love-it (or love-to-hate-it) variety in your holiday gift-giving circle, you're in luck — there are plenty of amazing gifts for American Horror Story fans that any diehard fan is sure to adore.

One of the best parts about the ever-changing series is its format — specifically, that it swaps out its story and theme each season. This guarantees that the aesthetic changes every year, appealing to a broad swath of horror fans. That's not even to mention the fact that the seasonal switch-ups have racked up an impressive tally of iconic and memorable fan-favorite characters and actors.

Whether the AHS lover in your life was partial to Freak Show's clownish antics, Roanoke's meta Blair Witch-esque found footage frights, or Murder House's good old-fashioned ghost story demeanor, every single season has inspired a diverse array of cool merchandise for your every gift-giving need. Here are an assortment of some of the best — and most unique — options to gift the American Horror Story fans you're *dying* to impress.


An Evan Peters Cameo Necklace


There's no denying that some fans of the show are more focused on one of its stars — just ask anyone who was furious to the point of distraction about the fact that both of Peters' characters on Roanoke were killed off within literal minutes of their introductions. If they're still salty about the lack of Faux Edward Mott and Rory this season, get them one of these Evan Peters cameo necklaces ($8.47) on Etsy. There are three image options available.


There's also this cool Tate-inspired handmade cameo necklace ($10.42) from another Etsy shop.


These Hand Stitched Quote Embroidery Hoops


If you know someone who loves embroidery and the more obscure AHS references, these hand stitched quote embroidery hoops (a set of three for $19.54) will be the perfect present.


A Funko Pop! TV Vinyl Figure


Every AHS viewer has their own personal ranking of their favorite characters — and there are so many to choose from. If you're looking to get a gift for a Funko-collecting friend who also loves Coven's "baddest witch in town," check out this Fiona Goode Funko Pop! TV vinyl figure ($14.50). If Fiona's inexplicably not a fave, there are plenty of other Funko figures in the American Horror Story collection, including Hotel's Countess, Freak Show's two-headed Tattler twins or Twisty the Clown, and Murder House's Rubber Man (among many others). Prices vary widely based on whether the Funkos are vaulted or not.


A 'Freak Show' Circus Poster Giclee


If Season 4 is your AHS fan's favorite by far, they'll love this old-school Freak Show "Cabinet of Curiosities" poster ($26.95).


A Room 64 Hotel Cortez Key Chain Fob


Maybe Hotel was a favorite for your AHS fan, and they're dying to check back in to the Hotel Cortez. This Room 64 Hotel Cortez key chain fob ($12) is a fun, subtle reference to the horror show. Each fob is hand-crafted, laser-printed and dyed real leather to give it that authentic used look.


This "On Wednesdays We Wear Black" T-Shirt

Hot Topic

This "On Wednesdays We Wear Black" tee ($16.87) is a fun, simple reference to the iconic fashion of Season 3's Coven, where it was all-black everything. The above version is from Hot Topic's officially licensed AHS merch collection (which has a ton of other really cool quote and logo merchandise options to explore), but various Etsy shops have their own takes on the well-known Coven reference as well.


"On Wednesdays We Wear Black" slogan vest tank top ($16.93), available in various non-black colors as well.


"On Wednesdays We Wear Black" tee with Coven silhouette ($19.99).


A Custom Metal House Sign


The AHS fan who is looking to spookify their own Murder House (or Asylum) will absolutely love a custom metal house sign ($30) with that classic AHS-style font and spooky gravestone elements.


All-Season T-Shirts


There are tons of variations to the phrasing and style of this all-season T-shirt ($13.02+) from a variety of different sellers. This particular Etsy version, though it's missing a Roanoke reference, is a fun one, with the immediately recognizable American Horror Story-style font and season subtitle references. This style is also available from the same seller in hooded sweatshirt form.

Kiss Me Bang Bang

Here's another version in an all-season crewneck T-shirt ($15.99+) from Kiss Me Bang Bang, if you're really committed to making sure Roanoke gets recognized in your gift.


Tim Burton-Style Sarah Paulson Character Paintings


If your American Horror Story fan loves Sarah Paulson above all else and also enjoys creepy gothic cartoons, these Tim Burton-style Sarah Paulson character paintings (set of 5 for $39.09) would be a one-of-a-kind gift. The same seller also has a set of Lily Rabe's characters.

As you can see, there are a lot of great gifts out there to choose from. So sit back, relax, and let the holiday shopping begin!