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9 Apps To Make Sleeping Easier For Baby

No matter how well (or not-so-well) your baby sleeps at night, there's nothing wrong with needing a little outside help every now and then. Aside from the obvious role you and your partner play in teaching your baby to sleep, sometimes you just need to bring out the big guns, so to speak. With technology running the world, it's no surprise that there are lots of great apps to make sleeping easier for your baby — and you definitely shouldn't feel bad about downloading one (or all) of them.

I've had one of each — a "problem" sleeper and a great sleeper — and in both cases, I can testify to the power of a great app or white noise machine to help babies get to sleep and stay that way. The great thing about apps is they're completely portable, meaning that if your baby is fussy on the road, in the airport, or at Grandma's house, there's nothing stopping your from whipping your phone out and soothing them just like at home.

Some of the apps are simple white noise machines, while others have other features like timers, recorders, and sleep logs, but they're all designed with one thing in mind: helping your baby sleep.


Baby Snooze

Baby Snooze ($2.99) is designed to recreate sounds similar to those from their days in the uterus, helping them to feel calm and secure.


Lullaby For Babies

If your baby is used to falling asleep to music or your voice, this Lullaby For Babies (Free) will be a great substitute.


Goodnight Safari

Goodnight Safari (Free) is designed to help your toddler wind down for the night as they help the animals get ready for bed too.


White Noise Ambience Lite

Many parents swear by the power of white noise in helping their baby sleep soundly, and White Noise Ambience Lite (Free) comes with a variety of sounds and would be the perfect app to travel with.


Baby Sleep App

The Baby Sleep App (Free) has the standard white noise and lullaby features but goes above and beyond in letting you record your own lullabies.


Johnson's Bedtime Baby Sleep App

From the baby brand Johnson's, the Johnson's Bedtime Baby Sleep App (Free) includes a sleep log, their three step bedtime routine, lullabies, ambient sounds and music, and access to their panel of experts.


Sleepy Sounds

With options for both iPhone and Android, Sleepy Sounds (Free) has sounds and songs and also acts as a nightlight to help your baby sleep even better.


Music Therapy For Sound Sleep

Based on the famous EEG to optimize brain development, Music Therapy for Sound Sleep (Free) allows you to create customizable tracks to fit you and your baby's tastes.


Lightning Bug Sleep Clock

With a library of more than 200 sounds, Lightning Bug Sleep Clock (Free) will help your baby fall (and stay) asleep. It also comes with a clock and alarm to help you stay awake or wake up when you need to.