9 Apps To Make Sleeping Easier For Parents

Take a moment to think about the parents who had kids before the age of smartphones. How did they do it? Your phone serves as a camera, lifeline to the outside world, and kiddo entertainment device. And there’s a wealth of apps to help parents track everything from feeding schedules to growth charts. The phone is a lifesaver in so many ways. Thankfully, there are even apps to make sleeping easier for parents. Because what do you want more right now than a decent night’s sleep?

Sure, there are plenty of apps to help your kiddo drift off to dreamland, but what about you? Even when you’re exhausted from a full day of baby-wrangling, sleep can remain weirdly elusive when you finally lay down at night. Maybe you’re waiting for your kid to start crying, or maybe you just can’t make your brain turn off. That’s normal. And there are plenty of apps out there to make the transition easier.

Grown-up naptime? There’s an app for that, too. Because if you can’t get in a full night of rest (and when was the last time that happened?), you can at least use technology to make your naptime as effective as possible. Seriously: you need a nap more than the kid some days.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (free) analyzes your sleep and helps you wake up from the lightest phase of sleep. It can even analyze your sleep habits over time.


White Noise

Your kid probably has a white noise machine: don't you need one, too? The White Noise app (free) can play relaxing sounds that help you drift off each night. Whether you like the sound of a light rainfall or a grandfather clock, there's a soothing sound for you.



Whether you're looking for a full night of shut-eye or a quick power nap, Pzizz (free) may help you get to sleep deeply without worry. Just listen and relax.


Relax Melodies

If you want to create your own mix of sleep-inducing sounds, then the Relax Melodies (free) is for you. You can use make your bedroom as relaxing as a spa (at least until your kid wakes up).



Trend graphs can help track your sleep hygiene over time, and smart alarms will help you wake up easily with SleepBot (free). It can even remind you to go to bed on time.


Zen Mixer

Do you need to wind down for a few minutes before you can sleep? Zen Mixer (free) features many meditations to help you relax and destress.


SpinMe Alarm Clock

This might be a little on the rough side for new parents. But the SpinMe Alarm Clock ($1.99)is certainly unique: you have to get out of bed and spin around to turn it off. There's no way to cheat — and no snooze button — so you are guaranteed to get out of bed.


Good Morning Alarm Clock

The Good Morning Alarm Clock ($3.99) will wake you up during the lightest sleep phase, and it will even let you know if you have a sleep debt. You even get a weekly sleep report.


Sleep Pillow Sounds

Sleep Pillow Sounds (free) is another soothing sounds app. With 70 naturally recorded sounds, you can create your own pass 0ut playlist.