9 April Fool's Pranks To Play On Facebook


It’s easy to forget about April Fool’s Day until you turn on your computer. Then all of the joke articles and fake news stories overtake your feed. It’s easy to get caught up in the mischievous spirit of the day, and you may want to pull a little prank of your own. If you’d like to join in on the fun, there are some funny and harmless April Fool’s pranks to play on Facebook that won’t cost you much time or get you in trouble at work.

These pranks are silly enough to get a chuckle without doing any damage to your digital reputation. It’s a low-key way to participate in the April 1 fun without breaking out the fake bugs or whoopee cushions. (And in my world the fake bugs fall on the not cool side of pranks.)

Overall, these Facebook pranks are all in good humor that will not put you at any risk of getting unfriended. As long as you come clean by April 2, chances are there will be no harm done. And fair warning: April 1 is NOT the day to leave your Facebook accessible on any device. You wouldn’t want anyone to pull a fake status prank on you.

1Link To The 'Worst Person On Facebook'

Ley / Flickr

This one is actually pretty clever. You can post a status about the "worst person on Facebook" (or something of your own creation) and provide this link, which just redirects your friends to their own home profile. It's simple and effective.

2Get Engaged

Steven Coutts / Flickr

Announce your engagement with a Ring Pop pic. Bonus points if you're already married. It just keeps them guessing.

3Change Your Birthday To April 1

synx508 / Flickr

This is a clever tip from Reader's Digest. It's even more effective if your real birthday falls in March.

4Link A Fake News Story

Benjamin Brackman / Flickr

There are some great ones from past years. The April Fool's Parade is a classic, and I'm particularly fond of the BBC's story about flying penguins.

5Fake A Celebrity Sighting

amberapparently / Flickr

Follow Mashable's advice and Google a candid shot of a favorite celebrity then pass it off as a result of your chance encounter. I would choose Nicholas Cage.

6Post An Ultrasound Pic

DebMomOf3 / Flickr

This is almost guaranteed to create a frenzy, and you might be concerned about this post blowing up too much. But Esquire insists that people really do pull the ultrasound prank on April Fool's Day. Post at your own risk.

7Fake A Tattoo

Jeff Stevens / Flickr

Follow this advice from Instructables to Photoshop any image as a pretty believable tattoo. It should be large and garish for maximum impact.

8Pretend You're Moving

Al_HikesAZ / Flickr

This is easy enough to fake. Just follow The Stir's advice and pretend you're moving. A different continent or a very remote location would have the most impact.

9Perform Mild Identity Theft

Eduardo Woo / Flickr

You need to pick your 'victim' very carefully for this prank. But you can copy a friend's profile pic and name and wait for the confusion to start.