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9 Awesome Ariana Grande Halloween Costumes For Badass Kids

If your kid knows all the lyrics to the entire Dangerous Woman album, then this year's Halloween costume is probably a given. There are so many ways to create Ariana Grande costumes for kids, because the pop star has already shown off tons of iconic looks. From cat ear headbands to super-high pony tails, Grande has a lot to offer in terms of signature style.

Although she may seem like an overnight sensation, Ariana Grande has worked in the entertainment business for many years. After acting on Broadway and two Nickelodeon televisions series, Grande released her first studio album, Yours Truly, in 2013. But it was her sophomore album, 2014's My Everything, which really rocketed her to pop stardom. With catchy singles like "Problem," "Break Free," and "Bang Bang," My Everything debuted at the top spot on the Billboard 200, according to Billboard. Lastly, her third album, 2016's Dangerous Woman, ushered in a more mature sound for the pop singer, and it even received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. As her efforts have already shown, the 24-year-old Grande plans to keep her place in the pop spotlight.

Unfortunately, Grande's performances will forever be associated with tragedy. After Grande's concert on May 22, 2017, a suicide bomber attacked the Manchester Arena, resulting in the deaths of over 20 people, according to NBC News. The star immediately offered her condolences over social media, and Grande performed a benefit concert for Manchester in June 2017, which was attended by 50,000 fans, according to CNN. In fact, she was named the first honorary citizen of Manchester for her response to the attack, according to the website for Entertainment Weekly.

This is all to say: if your kid is looking for a role model, Ariana Grande is a pretty great choice, really. Granted, some of her more adult vibes may need to be toned down for your kid's Halloween costume (or not). Seriously: deciding whether to let your 8-year-old run around the neighborhood in black vinyl rabbit ears is a deeply personal parenting decision, so that is 100 percent up to you. While you settle that debate, look to these Ariana Grande costumes for inspiration.


Artist Of The Year Grande

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For this simple look, get a girls' slub tank top ($2+, Amazon), a girls' skegging in heather grey ($15, Target), and a pearl V-shaped necklace ($39, Etsy). For an extra-authentic costume, you could add in the American Music Awards replica ($269, Ali Express). But any trophy you have lying around the house would work well, too.


Cat Ears Grande

For a while, Grande's signature look almost always included a cat ear headband, even in her most casual of getups. Copy her feline vibe with a girls' cat ear headband ($5, Target) and any outfit that's worthy of the pop star. You can copy her chill outfit here, or get a girls' black dress ($20, Macy's) for a more glamorous look. If your kid's hair is long enough, put it in the highest ponytail possible.


Classic Grande

For Grande's classic look, it's all about that long, tall ponytail. To recreate that 'do, consider a wrap-around synthetic ponytail ($48, Wigs), or repurpose a long Elsa wig ($17, Halloween Express) for similar results. A trendy outfit, such as the girls' cold shoulder shift dress ($15, Target) adds a pop star element to the look. Feel free to throw on a cat ear headband ($6, Amazon), because why not?


"Dangerous Woman" Fan

For her "Dangerous Woman" look, the singer traded in her signature cat ears for some pretty fierce rabbit ears. The posable bunny ears ($17, Etsy) offer a similar look. To make the outfit read as more Ariana Grande and less Easter Bunny, get a Dangerous Woman shirt ($55, Ariana Grande) and some Ariana Grande pants ($17, Amazon). Please note: these sizes are for adults, so they may not fit all kids.


"Focus" Grande

Grande's look is pure pop star perfection in the video for "Focus." For a similar look, get a lilac tinsel wig ($25, Claire's), some pom-pom earrings ($10, Etsy), and a girls' holiday dress ($39, Amazon).


Greatest Hits Grande

For the most glam Halloween costume of all time, channel this Grande look. Some giant black hair clips ($5, Etsy), round lens sunglasses ($9, Amazon), children's pearl necklace ($15, Etsy), and a girls' lace-up dress ($15, Forever 21) create a kid-sized version.


"Problem" Grande

This simple but classic outfit is how many people first met Ariana Grande. For the costume, a sleeveless dressy dress ($5+, Amazon) and a child-sized gogo boot ($9+, Amazon) are about all you need.


"Side To Side" Grande

Only Grande could make a spin class look so fabulous. An ICON baseball cap ($4, Amazon), bright pink tank ($4+, Old Navy), and some basic girls' leggings ($6, Target) complete this easy ensemble.


Pro Performer Grande

When Grande took to the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater in 2014, her performance of "Bang Bang" brought the house down. Channel her stage presence with a girls' party dress ($15, Amazon), basic black tights ($8, Amazon), and tall black boots ($49, Zappos). A pop star microphone ($9, Amazon) adds the perfect finishing touch.

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