Small, But Important Milestones Baby Reaches By 1

Every age group has its milestones, but a seemingly significant one for every parent is baby's first birthday. The first year of your baby’s life is by far one of the most challenging and precious. The amount of progression from day one to year one is incredible. Especially considering newborns arrive completely reliant on their caregivers and by year one are already trying to walk and talk. Although there are the obvious new abilities your baby learns in the first 12 months, there’s also a few barely noticeable skills your baby should have by 1 year.

How your child grows and interacts throughout the first year says a lot about their development, and gives parents the ability to share new, fun characteristics they encounter each day. It is, however, important to keep in mind all babies progress at different rates. That being said, there are a lot of common skills you can look forward to by baby's first birthday. Celebrating every one of those milestones, big or small, is one of the most exciting pieces of parenthood. If you’re wondering what other milestones to expect by one year that aren’t quite as obvious as standing up for the first time, these nine barely noticeable skills are just another reason to celebrate hitting the first-year mark.


They Use Their Fingers To Eat

By 1, your baby has started eating baby food and snacks, and you aren't always having to spoon feed her anymore according to Kids Health. In an interview with She Care, pediatrician Dr. Charles Schwartz said your 1 year old will eat food with her fingers.


They Help You Get Their Clothes On

With a newborn, parents have to make every move for their babies, from feeding them to holding their head up. However, according to Very Well, one of the social skills babies develop by the age of 1 is the ability to help you get them dressed. By this age, your baby will often begin putting his legs out for his pants or changing arms as you're putting on his shirt.


They Want To Turn The Pages In Books

Baby Center noted that your baby will have the ability to open up a book and even help you turn the pages by the age of 1. Although his patience may be lacking to get through an entire book with you, by 9 to 12 months, his dexterity has progressed enough to grasp and flip pages.


They Start Mimicking And Pretend Play

According to Scholastic Early Childhood Today, 1 year olds begin to use toys for play and to mimic actions they've seen regularly over the past year. Your baby will understand things like a ball is to throw or her hairbrush is for her hair.


They Can Hit Items Together

The ability to hit two items together may not be the most relaxing noise in the world, but it is considered a skill your baby will have by the age of one. Very Well listed a 1 year old's ability to bang items together as an improved motor skill.


They're Able To Find Hidden Objects

You might not be able to play full on hide and seek, but by 1 your baby should start looking for an object after she's seen it, and even be able to find it after it's been hidden, according to the Mayo Clinic. This also means that when you hide an object or leave the room, your baby will begin to realize the object or person still exists even if she cannot see it.


They React To Their Name

By the age of 1, your baby should be responding to their name when you say it. According to Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), one of the milestones to watch for by age one is a reaction from your baby when you say his name.


They Comprehend "No" And Other Basic Commands

When you're caring for a baby that's learned to roll around and is in the process of standing and trying to walk, this means they're getting into everything and the word "no" is thrown around a lot. By the age of 1, According to Very Well, by 1 your baby understands "no" and can follow simple requests like "say bye" or "blow kisses."


They Recognize And Enjoy Music

According to ECI, 1 year old milestones also include the ability to enjoy music. So the next time you turn on the radio, turn it up and see how your little one reacts.