9 Beach Hairstyles That Take Minimal Effort


With summer officially here, days at the beach are on their way to becoming a part of weekly schedules. From wanting a nice tan to craving the fresh smell of sea water, heading to the nearest beach a few times this summer should be on every girl's wish list. Though you desire to be at the beach, something you desire a little more is finding the best beach hairstyles that take minimal effort.

Growing up in Florida made heading to the beach a regular thing. Bored on a Saturday? Go to the beach. Pass all of your classes so there's no summer school? Go to the beach. We even celebrated many birthdays, graduations, and job terminations at the beach too. And because we spent so much time in the sand and surf, my female friends and I were always searching for was the best way to wear our hair while there. Although hats worked in some situations, that didn't take away from the frustration we felt trying to keep it blowing in the wind. After finding the best, quickest, and cutest styles to head to the beach in though, our trips became so much easier to manage because we didn't spend time worrying about how to protect our hair or hats.

If not having a quick and effective hairstyle for your upcoming beach trip is a worry, these nine styles will help get you prepared.

1Side Dutch French Braid

Luxy Hair on YouTube

Braids seem to totally be in this year, and Luxy Hair's tutorial on this gorgeous side dutch french braid is perfect for a day at the beach or just a day hanging with friends.

2Two Strand Flat Twist Pompadour Updo

My Natural Sistas on YouTube

For the natural girl that loves the beach, My Natural Sistas video on this two strand flat twist pompadour updo is a great way to keep it cute while playing in the water.

3Messy Side Bun

The Glamour Index on YouTube

Looking for something super quick to do with your hair, but still be cute? The Glamour Index's five minute messy side bun is surely the way to go for your next beach day.

4The Twist Halo Crown Updo

Nik Scott on YouTube

Easy to do and a way to keep your hair out of the water, the twist halo crown updo tutorial by Nik Scott should be the go-to look for naturals on beach day.

5Easy Fauxhawk

The KG Lifestyle on YouTube

When the beach is on the agenda, having a quick, easy, and out of the way hairstyle is the way to go. The KG Lifestyle's easy fauxhawk style is a great example of how to get that.

6Curly Hair Messy Bun

Luxy Hair on YouTube

Curly hair? No problem. Luxy Hair's tutorial for the curly hair messy bun is great for a day of soaking up on the sun.


Tatyana Ali on YouTube

Cornrows have made an excellent comeback this year, and Tatyana Ali's cornrow tutorial puts a cute spin on them for your days in the waves.

8Double Fishtail Braid

Luxy Hair on YouTube

Cute and sassy, Lucy Hair's double fishtail braid will have heads turning on your trip to the beach.

9High Bun

MsDanti1 on YouTube

Throwing a high bun in before heading to the beach is a perfect and quick way to keep your natural hair dry and out of the way this summer.