9 Bee Halloween Costumes For Babies To Buy

Bees are probably the most annoying insects around. Even though they help produce delicious honey and play a role in the pollination that plants need to reproduce, they get an awfully bad rap for their painful stingers that can sometimes find their way into a person's skin. But for all of the fear they cause, when your little baby is dressed as one, bees become adorably cute. If you want to turn you baby into a sweet buzzing bee, you may want to check out some ideas for bee Halloween costumes for babies.

Before your baby becomes old enough to weigh in on their Halloween costumes, why not take advantage of the opportunity to dress them in layers of yellow and black tulle, a pair of glittery antenna, and organza wings? Whether you want to DIY or buy a ready-made costume, there are plenty of ideas for parents to choose from. Dress your baby like a bee and be sure to take lots and lots of pictures, because your baby is sure to have the entire neighborhood buzzing this Halloween.

Check out this list of crazy cute bee costumes that work for both baby girls and boys.


Baby Anne Geddes Bumblebee Costume

Your baby will look like a work of art in this Baby Anne Geddes Bumblebee costume ($40) from Party City. You'll score lots of treats with this unisex costume made of yellow and black chenille. Just be sure to buy tights and an undershirt if you plan to be out at night.


Baby Lil' Bee Costume

The Baby Lil' Bee Costume ($29) from Kohls is sweeter than honey.


Koala Baby Girls 2-Piece Costume

Koala Baby Girls bumblebee 2-piece costume ($25) is designed for babies from three to 24 months. The costume, which comes with a black and yellow polyester dress and adorable flower headband, will make your daughter the cutest bee in the bunch.


Fancy Dress

Bumble Bee Style Fancy Dress Costume ($24) from Etsy is a beautifully handmade costume. From the crochet top to the shimmery tulle tutu skirt, this elegantly made outfit will make your little bee too adorable for words.


Lil' Bumblebee Bunting

Lil' Bumblebee bunting costume ($17) from is great for keeping your sweet little newborn bees toasty on a chilly Halloween night. Your baby will be covered head to toe in a polyester bunting and topped off with a pair of shiny wings and antenna head covering.


Crochet Photo Prop Outfit

You won't be able to let your baby go trick or treating in this outfit, but it's just the thing if you're looking for an adorable outfit for baby's first Halloween photo shoot. This baby girl bumble bee outfit ($26) comes with a crochet hat and bottom cover.


4-Piece Outfit

The Noo Wear - Bee 4 Piece Outfit ($30) will give parents more than their monies worth. Not only is it a cute costume for Halloween. You can let your baby wear it without the hat and booties as pajamas until Christmas.


Bee Pajamas

Skip Hop's kids' pajamas ($25) are a totally cute and comfortable costume alternative for older babies. Add an antenna headband or other head covering (if your baby will let you) to make the outfit complete. And because they are pajamas, your tired little trick or treater can fly right off to bed when the night is over.


Satin Dress

This Infant Baby Bumble Bee Costume ($30) comes with a satin dress with ruffled collar and glittery antenna headband. Add tights and a long-sleeved top underneath to keep your baby warm on Halloween night.