9 Benefits Of Coconut Oil If You Have Dry Skin

Coconut oil has become a hot commodity in recent years among the beauty guru set. Once just a random thing that you might find in a health store, it has become a sort of cure-all for hair and skin (as well as teeth!). And the benefits of using coconut oil on dry skin are almost endless. This little tub of tropical goodness just might be the moisturizer that you’ve wanted all along.

Whether you’re experiencing dry skin on your face, body, scalp, or even lips, coconut oil can help your skin retain moisture and feel better. Just one jar of coconut oil can cover a lot of ground. And, compared to many brands of moisturizer, it’s a much cheaper option as well. As an additional bonus, you’ll smell like you’re on a tropical vacation. Just one word of caution: if you’re prone to breakouts, BuzzFeed reports that coconut oil may make your acne worse, so maybe exercise caution when using it on your face. Otherwise, experiment away! Whether you’re mixing it with other ingredients for a DIY lotion, creating a sweet-smelling body scrub, or just slathering it on straight from the tub, coconut oil is basically a perfect solution to your dry skin needs.


Dead Skin Remover

Coconut oil can keep your hands (and everything else) free from dry flakes. As nutritionist Kimberly Snyder explained to the Huffington Post, coconut oil "helps remove excessive dead cell on the skin's surface that makes your skin rough and flaky in texture." The fresh skin underneath will be baby-soft.


Additive-Free Moisturizer

If you're into all-natural products, coconut oil does not have any additives. "An oil’s goal is the same as a moisturizer or cream — to moisturize," dermatologist Dennis Gross told Refinery 29. "The difference is [that] the oil does not contain alcohols or silicones." This absence of additives may help you obtain super-soft skin.


Night Cream

If you don't want to replace your daily moisturizer, then night time is a great time to utilize coconut oil. As suggested by Allure, "apply coconut oil at night for maximum moisturizing benefits." You'll wake up with skin that's still far from dry.


Exfoliant Base

For an at-home spa treatment, you can use coconut oil as an exfoliant base. "Mix coconut oil with sugar or salt for an effective body scrub,"Deepa Lakshmin suggested on Buzzfeed. This will help slough off all that dry skin. Here are some next-level DIY body scrubs that make great use of coconut oil.


Eczema Soother

If you have to deal with eczema, you know that this skin inflammation goes beyond run-of-the-mill dry skin. But don't worry: coconut oil might just be your wonder product, too. "Both olive oil and coconut oil can soothe and hydrate eczema," dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told Glamour. "But coconut oil has the added benefit of helping to reduce bacteria on the skin." It's a natural remedy that may help soothe your skin.


Dry Scalp Treatment

Scalp feeling dry? "Before hopping in the shower, massage the scalp with Vitamin E, olive, or coconut oil," Sophia Breene wrote on Greatist. "These oils replenish natural scalp oils and can moisturize dry hair too." It might make for the most soothing shower you've had in a long time.


Dandruff Treatment

If dandruff is your problem, not just ordinary dry scalp, then coconut oil can still come to the rescue. As dermatologist Elizabeth Hale explained in Real Simple, "massage a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil (straight from the kitchen) in circular motions" after shampooing and rinse after 10 minutes. This will moisturize your scalp and may help calm down the dandruff.


Daily Lotion

In some ways, coconut oil may work better than a commercial moisturizer. "Slathering a light layer of coconut oil on your skin after your daily shower infuses natural, antioxidant-filled moisture into your skin," Bethany Porter explained in Healthy Women. "Most lotions are water-based and evaporate throughout the day leaving your skin dry again." But coconut oil just keeps on moisturizing.


Lip Balm

Chapstick just not cutting it? "By applying a small dab of coconut oil onto the troubled area, you’ll be left with a nourished and kissable pout in no time," Samantha Garagalli of InStyle said. Plus, you get a nice coconut scent on your lips.