9 Best Sex Positions After A Vaginal Delivery

Getting back into your groove after baby may take some time, but sooner or later those urges will return. You'll find that those postpartum hormones can be itching for some action even though the thought of having another thing in your vagina after just pushing a human out might make you cringe a bit. You don't have to be torn between your desires for sex and the fear it might hurt. You just need to work the best sex positions after a vaginal delivery into your rotation, so you feel more pleasure and less pain.

As the website for What To Expect pointed out, it's best to ease back into sex after giving birth. Labor and delivery takes a lot out of you and your body needs time to heal. And everything doesn't go back to as it was before as fast as you may like. Because vaginal dryness is a common postpartum symptom, in addition to these comfort creating positions, you may want to use some lube. This could help in easing any potential pain from a romp.

If you're in the mood and ready to get some action, don't stay hot and bothered too long. Grab your partner and give one of these nine sex positions perfect for after a vaginal birth a spin between the sheets.


Slippery When Wet

The warm running water will help relax your muscles while enjoying this position. Slippery When Wet is the best shower sex position according to Cosmopolitan magazine. The publicaiton recommend a rear entry, but feel free to play around with what feels best for you as the water flows.



Sometimes you just can't beat a classic. As Fit Pregnancy magazine pointed out, spooning is perfect for shallow penetration, which will be an easy way to gauge how much you're ready for after a vaginal delivery.



An acronym for Coital Alignment Technique, the CAT position may be what your looking for after childbirth. According to Men's Health magazine, this variation of missionary, puts major focus on the clitoris and less about thrusting.


Woman On Top

After a vaginal delivery, you want to make sure your comfort is top priority. As Women's Day magazine woman on top positions "gives the woman more control over taking sex at a pace that is comfortable for her."


Sideways 69

Put a (more comfortable) twist on this standard position for oral if you're just not ready for penetration. Instead of lying on top of one another, lie side-by-side for more ease and comfort as Women's Health magazine suggested.


Magic Mountain

When in doubt, turn to the Kama Sutra. You'll need a stack of pillow for the magic mountain position. Place enough pillows under your belly, so you're fully supported in the typical doggy style stance.


Lifted Hips

While you have the pillows out, try flipping on your back and sliding one under your hips to take the pressure off. This is your basic missionary with a pillow, but having the extra support could be more comfortable post-baby.


School Of Rock

Take things easy by doing it in a seated position. Straddle your partner as you rock back and forth in a chair (or on the floor), while you control the rhythm and depth, as the website for She Knows suggested.


The PG Version

If you've tried a few positions and you're body just doesn't seem ready, there's still a way you can get some action. Take things old school with kissing, cuddling, and massage, as Mayo Clinic suggested. Setting your own pace for returning to romping let's you stay in control and satisfied.