9 Best Sex Positions For Lazy People

At the end of a long day, you may face a familiar dilemma: should you have sex or just go to sleep? It can be a tough call. Or perhaps you feel a little frisky on a Sunday afternoon, but the idea of moving too much is just unappealing. After all, sometimes the couch will not let you leave. Well, the best sex positions for lazy people are tailor-made for you.

Because hey, there is nothing at all wrong with the occasional lazy day. Most people lead crazy-busy lives, and it's normal and healthy to slow down on occasion. And adding a little lovemaking to your lazy day is one way to make the most of your downtime.

So on days or nights when you don't feel like getting athletic in bed, these moves are for you. The only props involved are your couch, bed, and some comfy pillows. For most of these positions, you don't even have to sit up, as you can just lay back and relax. Variations of classics such as missionary, doggy style, and even 69 have been modified into nearly effortless positions, so you and your SO can have a whole menu of choices for your super sexy lazy day.


The Couch Potato

If you're having a lazy day, then this position is for you. According to Cosmopolitan, you can have your partner sit on the couch, climb on board, and rock back and forth for the ultimate lazy sex experience. There's a lot of contact and closeness with very little effort, and best of all you don't even have to leave the couch.



Sure, this is probably your go-to move anyway. But it's especially great because, as noted in Women's Health, missionary position does not require much effort on your part. It's OK to be a pillow princess on occasion.



Few positions are as comfortable and easy as spooning. And according to iVillage, spooning can be relaxing and (almost) effortless. Basically, you can enjoy cuddling and sex at the same time. What's not to love?


69 Sideways

If regular 69 is too much work, then this variation is perfect. You can take a cue from Cosmopolitan and try 69 while laying side-by-side, with takes the pressure off everyone. It's maximum pleasure with minimum effort.


Modified Doggy

If you want to try a relaxed version of doggy style, then this variation is for you. According to Rebel Circus, you can bend down in doggy style to up the hotness factor. And, you know, take all the pressure off of your arms.



Hey, it's a classic for a reason. The cowgirl position lets you control pretty much all aspects of the action, and it only takes a little bit of effort, as explained in Women's Health. Just sit back and enjoy.


Pillow Prop

You can make your pillows do double duty. As noted in iDiva, if you stick a pillow under your butt during missionary position, it can help you get better clit stimulation. Plus, it's super comfy.


Lazy Lay

Don't feel like moving at all? Not a problem. Take a cue from Glamour and lay flat on your belly, then have your partner enter you from behind. You can keep on relaxing.



Lazy positions can still be romantic, and even elegant. You can try the lotus position, as explained in Your Tango, by wrapping your legs around your partner's body while you're both in a seated position. It's like a sexier version of a yoga pose.