9 Best Sex Positions For Small Spaces

Perhaps in your fantasies you and your partner have a gorgeous mansion filled with lots of space for your sexual escapades. But in the real world, sometimes you have to make do with the spaces you have. Thankfully, there are sex positions for small spaces that can help you and your SO make the most of tight quarters.

Whether you're stuck in a micro hotel room or a compact car, you and your partner can still have a full range of romantic encounters. OK, maybe not a full range, but there are a few tips that can take your cramped quarters from "no way" to "let's do this." After all, a little creativity and willingness to go with the flow are great qualities for any partner.

Perhaps you live in a studio apartment, tiny house, or other small abode, but still want to make your space into a viable love nest. And even if you have sizable living arrangements, what happens when you and your partner have the opportunity for a rendezvous in a tent or onboard a boat? It's a good idea to keep these positions in mind for any interesting situations that may arise. After all, good things come in small . . . never mind.


Hot Hula

Car sex does not necessarily mean you and your partner have to crawl into the backseat. As explained in Cosmopolitan, you can recline the passenger seat, climb on top, and experiment with the Hot Hula for a bit. It's your standard girl-on-top pose with a little extra shimmy.



When you and your SO are snuggled together in your sleeping bag, what's the best way to have fun without waking the entire campsite? Take a cue from 33 Mag and opt for sex in a spooning position, which offers you both maximum enjoyment with minimal movement required.


Ballet Dancer

Fancy a romp in a closet? As noted in Women's Health, you and your partner can use the ballet dancer position, in which you are both standing and one partner wraps her legs around the other. You're stable but compact.


Doggy Style

Sure, you can opt for a standing position for shower sex, but the fear of slipping is real. Take a note from Sex Info 101 and try doggy style in the shower while braced on a comfy rubber bath mat. You and your partner can get super fresh without any danger of falling.


The Hanging Garden

OK, this is not for the faint of heart. But if you and your partner want to enjoy going at it somewhere semiprivate and tiny (such as a dressing room), then it's a good position to have in your rotation. As explained by Lelo, the hanging garden is a standing position in which one partner supports the other's weight completely as you go at it (it helps to see the illustration).


Lap Limbo

Trapped in a hotel so tiny you can barely stand? There is still a workaround. As explained in Cosmopolitan, you can try the lap limbo position, in which you top your seated partner and, if you like, rest your ankles on your SO's shoulders. (It actually requires less flexibility than you might expect.)


Frog Leap

If you need to maneuver around some especially cramped quarters (say the back of an SUV), then this move is a no-brainer. For the frog leap position, as explained by the Bad Girl's Bible, the receiver gets on all fours in a sort of modified squatting position, and then the giver is free to penetrate while kneeling or seated. Thankfully, neither of you need much room for this move.



Want to experiment outside the bedroom, but you live in a tiny house? You don't need much room at all for this one. In the lotus position, both you and your partner are seated and facing one another (you wrap your legs around your SO's torso), as explained in Your Tango. It's peaceful, intimate, and space-saving.


Vertical Doggy

You can have sex from behind while standing for maximum conservation of space in a closet, bathroom, or other close quarters. As noted in Women's Health, the vertical doggy style is accomplished exactly as you might imagine: you're both standing up and leaning forward slightly. Bonus: no need to put your hands on the floor.