9 Best Sex Positions For The Couch

It's the classic advice to spice up your sex life: take things out of the bedroom. But how well does sex on the couch usually go? It can be mediocre at best, because the close quarters can make maneuvering around tricky. Sure, you may start out on the sofa, but after a few minutes of fooling around you and your partner probably just move to the more accommodating bed. But you don't have to rule out the love seat just yet. These best sex positions for the couch may have you rearranging furniture every day.

It's true: you can use your couch for way more than just chilling. By using a little creative positioning, you can make the sofa work for you and your partner in totally new ways. By making use of the sofa's arms, back, and even cushions in unique ways, you and your SO can live it up in the living room. In fact, the bed may start to look boring by comparison.

So read through these tips to find out your new favorite moves to use outside the bedroom. In no time at all you'll be the sofa queen. The only downside: you may need to stock up on the Scotchgard.


Couch Canoodle

This position requires a bit of a stretch, but the effort is worthwhile. As noted in Cosmopolitan, you can have your partner sit on the couch as normal, straddle his lap, and then lean back and brace your arms against the floor. (It helps to check out the illustration.)


Sofa Surprise

This one takes a little pre-planning, but the overall effect is more than worthwhile. As noted in Your Tango, you can put on a skirt or lingerie and basically surprise him when he's just chilling on the couch. If he's game, you can straddle him and go for it right away.


Sofa Grind

You'll need a sturdy couch for this one. But as suggested in Women's Health, you can straddle the sofa arm and use it to stimulate your clitoris. You can use this move in conjunction with doggy style, for instance, or just do it by your own self. (Maybe put a towel or blanket down first?)


Oral Presentation

If you and your SO are lucky, the couch can put you both in the right position for all kinds of sexual fun. For instance, as suggested on The Health Site, having your partner perform oral sex while you're kicked back on the couch is basically the most relaxing and wonderful sensation ever.


Couch Surfer

This kind of couch surfing involves staying home. According to Men's Fitness, your partner can bend you over the couch's arm to provide a little extra leverage in this rear-entry position. Bonus: you can stretch out on the rest of the sofa and chill.


Elevated Missionary

Make the most of those couch cushions. As explained in Woman's Day, you can lie back for a traditional missionary position on the couch, with a notable addition: stack some pillows under your butt for extra penetration. You may never want to go without your pillows again.



Make the most of those tight spaces. As noted in Made Man, 69 is a great position to try out on the couch because it doesn't require a lot of wiggle room. You can even switch out between top and bottom to find your preference.


Spread Eagle

By all means, stand on the furniture. As explained by Cosmopolitan, you can take a wide stance on the edge of the couch and let your pelvises meet. It's a standing position that does not require extreme balance, so that's a win-win.


Back It Up

Are you able to easily access the back of your sofa? Then you can take a cue from Cosmopolitan and rest your butt on the top of the couch's back, have your partner enter, and enjoy. Bonus tip: you can lean back for an extra bit of a stretch.