9 Books That Get You Through The Hardest Times

When life gets tough, you can always turn to books for solace and support. Whatever you're going through, authors have practical advice, or at least moral support, to help you get through your struggles. In fact, there a number of books that can get you through the hardest times of all.

Whether you're dealing with grief, job loss, long-term illness, or divorce, there are plenty of books that can help you get through your ordeals. Some of them offer very down-to-earth advice on handling things like a big move to a new city, whereas others provide you with more emotional support. Practical advice and simple encouragement alike can get you through almost any struggle. You can learn from those who have special insight into your troubles, whatever they may be. Whatever your needs, these reads can help guide you through the tough times.

For what it's worth, you are never alone when you're worried about getting through an illness or losing a loved one. Most of these are universal worries that will touch you or someone you know at some point. Therefore it's a good idea to know about these books well before you need them. You never know when you might help out a friend in need — or even yourself.


When You Need A Confidence Boost

If you're feeling a bit insecure in your abilities, then turn to the beautiful Whatever You Are, Be A Good One. Featuring quotes from great thinkers, these words can help give you inspiration when you need it most.


When You You Need Help With Loss

Grief can be a lonely place. By reading C.S. Lewis' A Grief Observed, in which the beloved author reflects openly on his wife's death, you can remember that your feelings are very normal.


When You Need Freedom From Perfectionism

Chances are you want to be a perfect mom, employee, partner, and friend. But striving for perfection can damage your relationships and leave you feeling lousy. Tara Branch's Radical Acceptance can help you let go of those feelings of inadequacy.


When You Need Help Deciding Whether To Divorce

When your marriage hits a crossroads, it's important to think about things in a logical way — as much as possible, at least. Mira Kirshenbaum's Too Good To Leave, Too Bad To Stay can help you work through your problems in a helpful way.


When You Need Reassurance Before A Big Move

According to Health Status, moving is one of the most stressful situations you can experience. Fortunately, books are there to take away some of the chaos. Jo Spicer's Moving Without Mayhem offers practical advice from a moving professional.


When You Need To Cope With A Major Illness

If you or a loved one is coping with a major illness, then you know how much it can disrupt your life. Close To The Bone by Jean Shinoda Bolen presents affirmative and supportive ways of looking at these illnesses.


When You Need To Face Job Loss

Losing a job can be terrifying. But it can also become a time of tremendous opportunity. As Michael Froehls explains in The Gift Of Job Loss, you can use this period to pursue your passions and plan out your next adventure.


When You Need To Escape Debt

Few problems are as pervasive and dispiriting as massive debt. But Jerrold Mundis' How To Get Out of Debt, Stay Out Of Debt, and Live Prosperously will show you practical ways to get back in the black.


When You Need Help With Depression

Depression can be a debilitating and isolating condition. Fortunately, Alex Korb, PhD.'s The Upward Spiral can help you understand and ultimately try to overcome it. This book offers simple and straightforward advice for working your way into a healthier situation.