9 Books That Will Turn Your Kids Into Science Lovers

Most kids are born scientists. They love exploring their environment, testing out its boundaries, and asking a million questions about how the world works. Of course, sometimes this leads them to taste-test pieces of equipment on the playground. But in general, it’s a wonderful thing to encourage your kid’s innate curiosity about space, the sea, the weather, and every other topic under the sun. And these books that will turn your kids into science lovers will keep your little ones’ attention for years to come. They may even help you answer some of the many, many questions that your kids throw out on a daily basis.

By encouraging a love of chemistry, physics, and astronomy at an early age, you can set up your kid for future success in school (and maybe even a STEM career). Because no matter what, your kid will benefit from having a basic understanding of the forces that rule the universe. Being able to grasp what makes the wind blow or the stars shine will keep encouraging that curiosity. So whether you’re a professional chemist or someone who hasn’t thought about physics since high school, these books can help you explain these fascinating concepts to your kids.


'Chemistry: Getting A Big Reaction' by Dan Green & Simon Basher

Make chemistry fun for your kids. Dan Green & Simon Basher's Chemistry: Getting a Big Reaction makes the properties of matter super interesting and appealing to children.


'Junk Drawer Physics' by Bobby Mercer

Hands-on experimentation is sometimes the most fun way to learn about science. Bobby Mercer's Junk Drawer Physics will show you how to use everyday objects to build a wave machine, planetarium, and other fun projects. You can teach your kids about the basics of physics with rubber bands, strings, and construction paper.


'Me And My Amazing Body' by Joan Sweeney & Annette Cable

Most kids are inherently interested in anatomy, and this book will help you explain everything in an easy and age-appropriate way. Joan Sweeney & Annette Cable's Me and My Amazing Body covers bones, muscles, and even the digestive tract.


'The Moon Book' by Gail Gibbons

Does your little one wax poetic about the moon? The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons is a beautifully illustrated introduction to astronomy. In no time your kiddo will know all about lunar phases.


'Fly Guy Presents: Space' by Tedd Arnold

Most kids are thrilled by the concepts of planets, space travel, and comets. In Tedd Arnold's Fly Guy Presents: Space, your kids will get space-centric facts presented in an entertaining, humorous way.


'Weird Sea Creatures' by Laura Marsh

Few things are more fascinating than what's under the sea. Weird Sea Creatures by Laura Marsh will teach your kids about the fish that glow in the dark and perform other strange feats on the ocean floor.


'Weather' by Seymour Simon

Now you'll be able to answer all those questions about why the wind blows and what makes the rain fall. Seymour Simon's Weather explains the everyday changes in the weather in a kid-friendly way. (You might even learn something too!)


'The Shocking World of Electricity' by Liam O'Donnell, Richard Dominguez & Charles Barnett

This read is part graphic novel, part science lesson. Liam O'Donnell, Richard Dominguez & Charles Barnett's The Shocking World of Electricity with Max Axiom, Super Scientist explores the production and distribution of electricity in an informative way.


'Car Science' by Richard Hammond

Is your kid a min-gearhead? Richard Hammond's Car Science explains automotive technology in a simple and straightforward way. It includes information on basic physics, how cars run, and even the future of concept cars.