9 Books To Help Your Child Get Excited To Go Back…

As a kid, going back to school was one of my favorite times of year. Shopping for the most stylish supplies, showing off my fresh new Jansport, mapping out my first day of classes, comparing schedules with my best friends — back to school season was my jam. But not all kids are as excited by loose leaf and standard curriculum the way I am, and some kids might need an extra push to help them get fired up about going back to school. Luckily, there are plenty of books to help your child get excited to go back to school — which is basically a genius way to encourage your kids, because you're knocking out two tasks with one activity. Engaging your children in reading and boosting their morale about the upcoming school season.

Whether your kid is a bibliophile or only reads when books are put in front of them, there's a book on this list that will get your child excited about getting back to school. A new lunchbox may not do the trick, and they might not be sold on that 120 pack of Crayola beauties being designated specifically for school use, but the following books will have your children turning pages and preparing with the other back to school enthusiasts like me. Because when all else fails, literature comes through.


'Stewie Boomstein Starts School' by Christine Bronstein

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Stewie Boomstein is loud, funny, sometimes cranky, and is distraught after having very bad first day at school. In Stewie Boomstein Starts School, the whole family works together to solve why Stewie's first day was so bad, and how to make the following days the best they can be.


'The Night Before Kindergarten' by Natasha Wing

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The Night Before Kindergarten, a rhyming adventure based on the classic poem The Night Before Christmas, depicts all of the children in the neighborhood preparing for their first day of school. From packing their backpacks to saying goodbye to mom and dad, this book will help your little one get ready for their first day of school.


'Back-to-School Rules' by Laurie Friedman

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Percy loves school. And by following along with his oh-so-helpful guide, your child will learn to love school too. Back-to-School Rules is a fun and easy read for kids who might need a refresher course on back to school behavior.


'The Invisible String' by Patrice Karst

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For children who may be having a tough time leaving their parent's side, The Invisible String brings a world of love and warmth to the anxiety of moving on and having to be apart from your loved ones, a fear that many children face during back to school season.


'Miss Daisy is Crazy' by Dan Gutman

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At the Ella Mentary School, wacky and wild days are just par for the course. In this fun tale, Miss Daisy Is Crazy!, kids are introduced to a second-grade teacher who's a bit in over her head. There's never a dull moment with Miss Daisy and the kids at the Ella Mentary School.


'First Day Jitters' by Julie Danneberg

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Sarah Jane Hartwell is afraid of her first day at her new school. She doesn't want to start all over again. She knows it'll be awful, and she has to be prodded into getting ready for her first day. In First Day Jitters, Sarah Jane conquers her first day of school and is ready to take on the rest.


'I Am Too Absolutely Small For School' by Lauren Child

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Lola's not too sure about school, but big brother Charlie is there to help her find her way, and assure her that school is fun. In I Am Absolutely Too Small For School, kids learn with Lola just how exciting school can be.


'Ally-Saurus & The First Day of School' by Richard Torrey

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Ally couldn't be more excited to start school and meet other dinosaur-enthusiasts such as herself. But in Ally-Saurus & The First Day Of School, things don't go exactly as planned. With humor and wit, this book will appeal to any child who may have a tough time fitting in, and show them just how great not fitting in can be.


'Wemberly Worried' By Kevin Henkes

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Wemberly Worried tells the story of Wemberly, who worries all the time. She's especially worried about her first day of school, but when she meets a fellow worrier in her class, she realizes she's not alone.