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9 Bra Hacks That'll Make Your Chest Look Fuller, If That's What You Want
by Ni'Kesia Pannell

When I was younger, I hated having small breasts. To me, it was one of the worst things in the world because my sister and my mom had bigger breasts and I just couldn't understand why I got what felt like was the shorter end of the stick. For years, I never felt feminine enough because of my smaller breasts and suffered from self-esteem and body image issues due to how small they were. For women with small breasts, knowing the right bra hacks that'll make your chest look fuller will always come in handy.

During my middle school years, I would tell myself that getting breast implants was going to be the first thing that I did when I became rich. As I got a little older though and started to see the perks of having smaller breasts, I quickly changed my mind. In all honesty, a conversation with my mom when I was about 17-years-old telling me how lucky I was to have smaller breasts is what helped me to appreciate my size and to begin looking for ways to naturally make my breasts look as great as the women with larger ones. Now, at 20-something, I can confidently say that I've learned to embrace my smaller breasts and found some cool ways to give them the look that I'm going for.

If giving your "twins" an extra perk for that special event is something you're looking to do, hopefully these nine hacks will help.


Get Fitted For Your Correct Size

According to Bustle, wearing the right bra size will not only provide more comfort on your body, but will also make your clothes look and feel better when lying against your breast.


Try A New Material

Sarah Jenkins from the luxury lingerie line MimiHolliday told Cosmopolitan that a heavier lace material bra will "tend to fit a little more tightly and provide more support than a thinner lace with more stretch," causing your breast to look better.


Use "Cookies" In Your Bra For Deeper Cleavage

No, not real cookies, silly. Glamour wrote that wearing silicone pads (often referred to as cookies) on the sides of your breast will help with giving deeper cleavage for your girls.


Buy Padded Bras

Though buying a padded bra has been said to enhance the way your breast look, Cosmopolitan wrote that making sure you scoop your boobs into place on top of the padding is the trick to making them look their best.


Invest In A Good Push-Up Bra

If wearing a push-up bra is something that at you're still a little reluctant to do, BuzzFeed's survey of real women wearing different push-up bras will help show which bras are really worth your time (and coins).


Wear Bras With Boning In The Side

According to Cosmopolitan, wearing bras with boning in the side pushes the breast to the centre of the chest for great shape.


Wear A Balconette Bra

According to Marie Claire, wearing a balconette bra is a great way to create a really pretty cleavage that looks like two nice bumped up breasts.


Get A Water Bra

Ebay wrote that water bras are chosen over many other breast enhancement bras because they look natural, are more comfortable, and tend to be much softer.


Know The Bra Twist Trick

According to The Gloss, simply twisting your bra around and pushing your breast closer together can add a little lift to your look.