9 Breastfeeding Apps That Will Take The Stress Out Of Nursing

by Olivia Youngs

No matter how long you've been nursing, there are probably moments when you just wish you had at least five extra arms to do everything for you, or a personal assistant to keep track of everything you need to remember. Breastfeeding a baby requires you to keep track of crazy things like diaper changes, feeding duration, and which side you nursed on last, and, if you're anything like me, doing all of that on your own probably results in an exhausted and unproductive mama. Luckily, for those of us who aren't multi-tasking pros, there are some great breastfeeding apps that take the stress of remembering everything out of the equation.

Every breastfeeding mom has days when she forgets what side she nursed on and ends up with lopsided boobs, or forgot to keep track of those diaper changes in the early weeks, or needed help with remembering when her last feeding or pumping session was. With these apps, keeping track of everything is as easy as entering it into your phone and moving on until you need it next time.

Whether you're in the first weeks of nursing or have been doing it for months, these apps are sure to simplify breastfeeding for you so that you can focus on bonding with your baby and forget about the rest.


Feed Baby

The Feed Baby app (free) is perfect for simplifying the early weeks with your baby. You can track feeding times and diaper consistencies, and share it all between devices with your partner. Plus, it's free and has both an iPhone and Android version.


Baby Nursing

The Baby Nursing app (free) is an all encompassing app for nursing moms. It allows you to not only keep track of when and how long you feed your baby, but estimates the amount they eat, lets you log where you feed your baby, and keeps track of important milestones and doctor visits.


Pump Log

Pump Log (free) is a must-have app if you're exclusively breastfeeding, or even occasionally pumping. The app lets you record how much you pump, set reminders and timers, and track what foods you're eating to ensure a healthy supply.



LactMed (free) allows you to search a huge database of medications to see which ones are really safe to take while nursing.


Baby Feeding Log

Baby Feeding Log (free) allows you to keep track of feeding duration with the simple push of a button, as well as which side you nursed on and whether you used a bottle.



LatchME (free) is a one-stop stop for everything you'll need as a breastfeeding mom. From helpful videos about positioning and pain relief, to finding nursing spots, to connecting with other moms, this app really has it all.


Baby Connect

Baby Connect ($4.99) is more than just a nursing app. It allows you to track every aspect of your baby's life from sleep, to diaper changes, to photos.


Nursing Timer

Nursing Timer (free) is the perfect app if you're looking something super simple to track your feedings. With no extra fluff, this one will get the job done just like you want it to be.


Breast Feeding Friend (BFF)

If you're constantly forgetting which side you're on, this app is for you. With nothing besides a timer and a side-tracker, Breast Feeding Friend (free) will keep you on track every time.