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9 Broncos Memes For Panthers Fans That Get The Smack Talk Started

by Jill Di Donato

As you wait for Super Bowl 50 to go down, there are a couple things to do to get ready for game day. Before eating their weight in hot wings, North Carolina Panthers fans will get their giddy on by scrolling through Broncos memes for Panthers fans. Half the fun of sporting events—besides the amazing touchdown dances by muscular men in tights—is rooting for your team. And what better way to do that than giggling at memes to put the opponents to shame? Remember, there's no crying in football, people.

Although the Denver Broncos haven't won a title since 1998, the Panthers made it to the Super Bowl in 2003, where they were defeated by the Patriots. This year, though, Cam Newton and his boys went 15 - 1 to earn their way into the Super Bowl, and NFL buzz has Newton as the league's pick for MVP, according to the NFL News website.

Meanwhile, this is superstar quarterback Peyton Manning's fourth trip to the Super Bowl. Although there's no disputing the man's got one heck of an arm, I think it's time for a new shining star to emerge as the face of the NFL, none other than Panthers' quarterback, Newton. Sunday's game will mark his Super Bowl debut. So, let's cheer him on, by having a chuckle at these memes as you wait for game day to approach.


Everyone's Favorite Anchorman Tells It Like It Is

Succinct, Ron Burgundy, succinct.


Willy Wonka Knows What's Up

It's been a while since the Broncos have made it this far into the sporting spotlight. Panthers fans are hoping that Manning and company go home without a golden ticket, or ring.


Gandalf Makes A Tough Call

Things aren't looking too hot for those Broncos.


Prepare For Defeat

Even this little guy thinks a Denver defeat is in the cards.


Before First Down ...

Ouch. Looks like just about everyone everywhere thinks the Bronco boys are gonna run out of steam.


Payton Manning's Got A Great Arm...

...for throwing interceptions, that is. Fingers crossed the Broncos' quarterback is having one of his "off" days.


Haters Gonna Hate

North Carolina had quite the season, and what are haters gonna do? Drink the haterade, no doubt. But that's not gonna stop victory!


Hey, Denver, Did You Get The Memo?

You're outta here, guys!


Time To Admit Defeat

And the sting of defeat has this fan blue in the face. Aw, yeah!

Some of these memes are so hysterical, you don't even need to watch the game to know the outcome. The Panthers are winning the guffaw game, so claiming the title on Sunday should be in the bag.