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Revisiting Cats From Film & TV Is One Way To Celebrate National Cat Day

It's National Cat Day, which means it's time to celebrate the little monster that lives in your house and manipulates you with its unfair adorableness day after day. I would imagine every day is a holiday when you're a happy house cat, but it's always good to set aside a few hours to pay homage to your fluffiest friend. And what better way than with a mini marathon? Revisit these 9 cats in TV and movies for National Cat Day, and give your kitty a few extra cuddles while you do it.

Cats have developed something of an unfair reputation in pop culture. They're commonly accepted as haughty and distant, like roommates you find on Craigslist that also require you to provide their every meal. But cats can be just as goofy and loving as any other pet. Some of these fictional kitties lean into those pompous stereotypes to comedic effect, while others get creative with their feline characters. But no matter what kind of cat is featured in these films and TV series, they're all seriously adorable. And isn't that what really counts?

Though this is far from every beloved cat in television and movies, here are a few that you can commemorate National Cat Day with.

The Whole Family (The Aristocats)

With The Aristocats, you got five adorable cartoon cats for the price of one fun musical. There was elegant Duchess, her three kittens (artistic Toulouse, shy Berlioz, and ladylike Marie), and street-smart alley cat Thomas O'Malley. They all had their own charms, but there's really no denying that Marie is especially iconic.

Sassy (Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey)

Voiced by Sally Field, Sassy lived up to her name: she was always ready to share a barb with Chance. But despite being somewhat more high maintenance than her canine companions, Sassy was every bit as tenacious on that long journey home.

Garfield (Garfield)

As a cat who just wants to eat and sleep all day long, Garfield is basically #goals no matter your species.

Catwoman (Batman Returns)

Okay, okay: she's not technically a cat. But Selina Kyle is the next best thing! After being somehow mystically revived by a parade of alley cats after being pushed out a window, Selina reinvents herself as Catwoman. She has all of a cat's best qualities, and Michelle Pfeiffer's performance never gets old.

Cat (Breakfast At Tiffany's)

This particular no-name slob was played by a famous cat named Orangey who had even headlined a film of his own before, 1951's Rhubarb. In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Cat served as both a companion and the personification of Holly's fears of settling down. Plus, he pretty much brought the whole ending together.

Miss Kitty Fantastico (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Miss Kitty Fantastico was not necessarily a strong presence on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and she did not come to the most cheerful end (R.I.P.), but she made the most of every minute of screentime she got.

Milo (The Adventures Of Milo & Otis)

If unexpected animal friendships are your kryptonite as they are mine, then look no further. The Adventures of Milo & Otis paired a pug puppy with a sweet little orange kitten as they navigated the wide world after being swept away from their farm.

Rajah (Aladdin)

Every little kid who watched Aladdin came away wanting a tiger of their very own. Rajah was the best sidekick, always down to help Jasmine out or just share a commiserating look.

Salem Saberhagen (Sabrina The Teenage Witch)

This isn't a competition, but it's hard to deny that Salem is one of the best fictional cats out there. Played variously by a real cat and a very conspicuous animatronic puppet, Salem stole every scene he was in with his costumes and one-liners. The Sabrina reboot has some pretty big pawprints to fill.

Any show or movie on this list would be a great accompaniment to National Cat Day, as long as you've got your pet by your side while you watch.