9 Celebrities Who Had Incredible Baby Showers That You Can Totally Copy

When you think about celebrity baby showers, it's easy to envision loads of posh gifts and trays of expensive hors d'oeuvres. But it looks like some stars prefer showers that are more lighthearted, fun, and even funny. There are a number of celebrities who had incredible baby showers that even a mere mortal can recreate.

Featuring cute crafts straight out of Pinterest, silly themes, and even fast food, these parties prove that even celeb moms can be remarkably down-to-Earth and good-humored about the whole baby deal. That said, they did not exactly cheap out, either; plenty of these soirees featured exquisite floral displays, rows of beautiful desserts, and loads of other celebrities. But from the snaps, at least, it looks like these baby showers were anything but stuffy.

That said, checking out the baby showers of the stars can help keep your own baby parties in perspective. If you'd rather opt out of the traditional shower for a fun pajama-clad sleepover, why not? It was good enough for Kim Kardashian. If you're also into pretty but understated baby showers (and not taking yourself too seriously), then these celebs can offer some great inspiration. I mean, a prominent super model had fast food at her shower, so low-key is officially chic.


Chrissy Teigen

As noted in Us Weekly, Chrissy Teigen celebrated her baby shower at Kim Kardashian's home, complete with shower games and a dance party. Oh, and the party's theme paired lavish decorations with comfort foods such as McDonald's fries. Hey, if it's good enough for a super model . . .


Gwen Stefani

The singer, songwriter, and fashionista had a tasteful treat at her baby shower. As noted in Marie Claire, Stefani served up a beautiful blue candy bar for her shower guests. Eat your heart out, Pinterest.


Haylie Duff

Actress and food blogger Haylie Duff's baby shower was as sweet as you might expect. According to People Babies, Duff celebrated with treats such as mini cupcakes and macarons, as well as mason jar bouquets. It was both laid-back and adorable.


Kim Kardashian

Leave it to reality star Kim Kardashian to make her baby shower extra-memorable. According to Marie Claire, Kardashian had a camping-themed sleepover baby shower with her family in 2015. The matching pajamas and mugs of hot chocolate look like a good idea for any celebration.


Rebecca Judd

The model and TV presenter kept things classy for her shower. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Rebecca Judd enjoyed an afternoon tea baby shower with some close friends. It looks like the future mom of twin boys was not feeling any silly games or even gifts.


Erica Rose

A baby shower in a cute bookstore? Yes, please. As reported by Us Weekly, The Bachelor's Erica Rose enjoyed a baby shower at Books & Cookies, complete with cupcakes, goody bags, and even manicures. It sounds like the guests were as spoiled as the mom-to-be.


Ali Fedotowsky

Former star of The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky enjoyed an especially elegant outdoor shower. As noted in CBS 8, Fedotowsky's baby shower featured loads of gorgeous flowers, as well as fellow stars such as Haylie Duff and Kaley Cuoco.


Jana Kramer

Sometimes food can be the star of the shower. According to Parent Herald, country singer Jana Kramer dished up a baby shower with buttered popcorn lobster and a custom cake tower. It looks like none of the guests went hungry that day.


Alexandra Breckenridge

Feeling crafty? As explained on People Babies, Alexandra Breckenridge's baby shower featured a sweet quilting party that made a one-of-a-kind blanket for her son. It looks like this alum of Dirt, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead has a soft side.