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9 Celebrity Moms Who Always Keep It Real On Instagram

by Kristina Johnson

If your only knowledge of children and their behavior came from scrolling through famous people's Instagrams, you'd probably be inclined to believe they were all perfect little angels who always dressed impeccably and only stood in perfect lighting. For parents whose children aren't like that (i.e., all parents), thankfully there are a few celebrity moms who always keep it real on Instagram. Their honest, raw, and often hilarious snaps prove that kids will be kids, no matter how rich and famous their parents might be.

I can't really blame celebs who only post perfect pictures of their families on Instagram — non-famous parents, myself included, do the same thing all the time. While I love comments telling me how cute my kids are when I post pictures of them doing something adorable, I love the comments even more when my mom friends share their own tales of chaos and destruction when I post a picture of my kids getting up to something naughty. Being open about the realities of parenting, for better or worse, helps us all feel a little less alone, and it's probably why some of the moms on this list are wildly popular online.

Here are nine celebrity moms you'd probably have a blast with if they showed up to your play group.


Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is the mommy friend every mom wants. She's absolutely hilarious and never pretends that her star-studded life is perfect. Case in point: this picture of a stern-faced Luna refusing to smile for the camera.



Going from a mom of one to a mom of two is no easy transition, and singer P!NK shared her struggles in a poignant post. She admitted to feeling flustered so much of the time, and said she struggles with figuring out the best way to parent her daughter as she grows older.


Jennifer Garner

Any mom who memes herself is a mom I will stan forever. Jennifer Garner hilariously highlighted the struggles of making it through the summer with three kids to keep entertained.


Tia Mowry

Is that throw up, or baby oatmeal on Tia Mowry's head? Who knows, but what mom hasn't had that debate? I'm sure the former Sister Sister star would agree: just be thankful that it's not poop.


Selma Blair

Motherhood is never easy. Celebrities might have the money and resources to hire extra help, but they deal with the same issues of guilt, frustration, and exhaustion as anyone else. Selma Blair shared her feelings of sadness over leaving her son to go back to work in this throwback snap, telling her fans that she made it through the tough times and they can, too.


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Any mom who ran out of fun activities to entertain the kids a week into summer break will get a giggle out of Sarah Michelle Gellar's caption on this picture of her kids: a resounding "FINALLY!" to the first day of school.


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson hasn't been shy about flaunting her growing baby bump all over her Insta. She's expecting her third child this year, and there's one hilarious thing she's admitted to looking forward to after birth: a massive dirty martini.


Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry and her basketballer hubby Steph Curry recently welcomed a new addition to their family, baby boy Canon who was born in July. Since then, Ayesha has kept it real about being a new mom of three, touching on everything from nursing struggles to dealing with mommy brain.


Erika Christensen

Every mom who's ever breastfed will relate to this picture Parenthood actress Erika Christensen shared on Instagram. She knows there's just no point to putting on a shirt when you've got a breastfeeding baby attached to the boob, not to mention a toddler hanging off your back.