9 Celebrity Moms Who Had Unmedicated Births

by Lindsay E. Mack

When you're pregnant, the question of whether to have a medicated or unmedicated delivery comes up time and again. Almost as soon as your pregnancy test delivers that positive result, well-meaning friends and family start asking about your delivery plans. And if you've decided to go the unmedicated route, you are in good company. There are plenty of celebrity moms who had unmedicated births, and many of them were happy to share their experiences.

Although celebrities may enjoy a more glamorous life in many ways, unmedicated child birth is a great equalizer. In fact, even the famous people probably had a lot to learn about unmedicated birth. (Spoiler: it's probably going to hurt.) And whether you have a home birth with a doula or a med-free hospital birth, there is probably at least one celebrity whose baby story is similar to yours. Although you may not have thousands of Twitter followers, you can likely relate to their experiences as a fellow baby-having person.

So whether you're a big-time Bey fan or an Idina Menzel devotee, chances are you may have a little more in common with these celebrities than you realized. And hey, even if you had a medicated birth, you can still find some common ground in their experiences with motherhood. Because whether you're a celebrity or not, all moms are bad*sses in their own right.



Of course Queen Bey's birth plan was heavily analyzed. According to Time, Beyoncé did not use an epidural or any other form of pain relief when she delivered her daughter Blue. Slay.


Mila Kunis

The Bad Mom's star also opted out of pain medication. As noted in Us Weekly, Kunis decided against medication after watching some documentaries on unmedicated childbirth.


Jessica Alba

Alba just zen-ed out to give birth to her daughter Honor. As noted on Celebrity Baby Scoop, Alba didn't have any medication, and she didn't even scream.


Miranda Kerr

The model was pretty candid about her epidural-free experience. As reported by the Huffington Post, Kerr got through a 27-hour labor without ever going back on her plan to survive it meds-free.


Idina Menzel

The Broadway goddess also eschewed medication. As reported in Us Weekly, Menzel labored for about eight hours with no meds.


Gisele Bündchen

Can you have a pain-free delivery without medication? According to the Daily Mail, Bündchen claimed giving birth to her son did not hurt. Of course, your individual experiences with unmedicated delivery may vary.


Erykah Badu

The "On & On" singer did not use painkillers, either. As reported by MTV, Badu blogged about her unmedicated home birth in real time in 2009.


Kim Kardashian

Yes, even the Selfie Queen opted out of an epidural. As explained in Hollywood Life, Kardashian delivered her second child without medication.


Alyson Hannigan

The How I Met Your Mother actress had two home births, as noted by Essential Baby. Do you think there was a little magic involved?