9 Celebs Who Formula Feed, & Aren't Afraid To Stand By Their Decision

The debate between breastfeeding and formula feeding babies is a heated one. There's been a wave of celebrity moms in the last few decades who've preached the benefits of breastfeeding. And that's wonderful, because society absolutely needs all the help it can get when it comes to advocating for breastfeeding. But what about moms who don't breastfeed? For as many celebrity moms who breastfeed, there are just as many celebrities who formula feed. And it's important to lift up their experiences just as high, because breastfeeding isn't for everyone.

Although breastfeeding is portrayed as a beautiful, natural experience, there are many difficulties that come with it. When's the last time you heard a celebrity mom admit that the first week was especially difficult, or that their nipples really suffered, or that the weaning struggle was real? Breastfeeding celebs often portray the act as a sort of perfect part of motherhood, facilitating the idea that unless you breastfeed, you're doing a disservice.

Guess what? You're not! It's perfectly okay to formula feed your babies. Whether your babe didn't take to breastfeeding, or she's particularly aggressive, or another reason, there no need to feel shame in formula feeding. And these celebrity moms are here to help you in your journey.



According to Huffington Post, Queen Bey switched to formula after breastfeeding Blue Ivy for 10 weeks. She says she loved the breastfeeding experience, but had no qualms about making the foray into formula for her baby girl.


Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bob tried to have a baby for a long time, and after infertility struggles, one miscarriage, and her breast cancer diagnosis, had their child Eddie Duke via a surrogate. Formula feeding Eddie was the obvious choice.


J. Lo

Jennifer Lopez made the distinct decision not to breastfeed her twins, telling the Wall Street Journal that she was fed formula as a child, and that formula feeding her babies was the best decision for her as a mother.


Molly Sims

Molly Sims was very vocal when her son was born in 2013 that she was not breastfeeding. “I did nipple shields, nipple guards, supplemental nursing system, it was horrible,” Sims told People. “Cut to I’m not breastfeeding and I’m proud of it.”


Christina Applegate

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate opened up to People magazine about becoming a mother, and how her double mastectomy changed how she thought things would go for her. Applegate formula fed her daughter for obvious reasons, and still formed an enormous bond with her. "I felt my heart literally open up for the first time and like wrap itself around her. It was profound," Applegate said.


Bethenny Frankel

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Reality mom and mogul Bethenny Frankel supplemented breast milk with formula before introducing her daughter to solid foods. She told Parade that she felt like a failure, and guilty when she began breastfeeding less. She also spoke on how difficult breastfeeding was for her in the beginning.


Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields even went so far as to star in ads for Bright Beginnings infant formula. The company helped convey the idea that just because you formula feed, doesn't mean you're not a wonderful mother. Shields was very open with her struggle with postpartum depression, and began by breastfeeding, like many mothers. Her switch to formula was natural, and yours can be too.


Coco Rocha

Supermodel Coco Rocha felt the backlash of formula feeding her daughter Ioni when she posted an Instagram and received a world of unwanted advice. She followed up the post with another photo, and the caption was simply perfect.

"I loved breastfeeding Ioni for the first 5 months of her life and then one day my milk went dry. It happens to every mom at different times. She's been on formula for a few weeks now and seems to be doing just fine. In the last 4 weeks she gained another 2 pounds, grew another inch and is in the 90th percentile for her age. Anyone who has a negative comment to make on the way I raise my baby will be blocked."

Mic drop.


Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe has been photographed numerous times, bottle feeding her boys. Skyler even helps feed Kaius. US Weekly magazine reported that the bottles were indeed formula bottles, and Zoe couldn't have looked happier.