9 Chicken Finger Makeovers, Even Though They’re Damn Delicious As Is

It’s been called a strip, tender, nugget, and even a finger. But no matter which name it goes by, those little pieces of handheld chicken goodness have their own special spot in the world of comfort food. Usually happiest when snuggled next to a sauce or two, chicken strips have become a staple in most restaurants and households alike. As simple as it is to warm up a bag of frozen chicken nuggets, making your own can be easier than you think. In fact, you may be surprised by how many different chicken finger recipes you’ll find online.

Whether you like your chicken strips fried, baked, or grilled, there is a recipe to suit every appetite. And that doesn’t include the plethora of delicious dips. Traditional ketchup just won’t do when you’re dipping a Cheesy Pretzel Chicken Pop or Hemp Crusted Chicken Tender. These delectable creations deserve the respect of their own custom designed sauce.

Just because chicken strips are a dinner standard doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Surprise the family with these out of the ordinary ideas for turning chicken cutlets into culinary wonders. Want to amp up your dinner recipe rotation? Try some of these riffs on the classic chicken strip.


Crispy Ranch Chicken Strips

Has there ever been a more delightful match than chicken fingers and ranch dressing? Ari’s Menu promises these crispy ranch chicken strips are as easy as they are delicious. The secret to the crunch in this recipe is crispy rice cereal used in lieu of breadcrumbs.


Cheesy Pretzel Chicken Pops

Few treats are more fun than those on a stick. Try this nourishing main dish that has the potential to be portable, making it the perfect dinner solution for those crazy nights of rushing to sports practices and music lessons. Using greek yogurt, pretzels and cheese crackers, A Spicy Perspective shows you how to turn cheesy pretzel chicken pops into your next go-to dinner.


Honey Chipotle Almond-Crusted Chicken Strips

If you’re a sucker for sweet heat dishes, these nutty chicken strips with hit the spot. Cassie at Back To Her Roots bakes these strips in the oven, but says the secret to creating the crunchy fried chicken effect comes from using almonds. Her other tip: if you’re serving children who don’t like spice, use plain almonds in place of the chipotle seasoned ones.


Hemp-Crusted Baked Chicken Tenders

Hemp seeds are an easy way to add protein to a dish. Gimme Some Oven likes to use these gems (loaded with Omega-3s and Omega-6s) when whipping up gluten-free hemp-crusted chicken tenders.


Baked Turkey Tenders With English Muffin Coating

What happens when your chicken cutlets you had set aside for dinner turn out to be turkey? According to I Am Food Blog, you make mouthwatering turkey tenders. And just to show how inventive you can get with whatever ingredients you have in the pantry, the coating for these tenders were made with toasted and ground english muffins.


Potato Chip Crusted Chicken Tenders

This easy to follow recipe by Simply Scratch, will have you experimenting with your favorite potato chip a breading! Once you’re chip covered chicken strips have cooked, you can slice and toss them in a wrap with some lettuce and cheese for an easy lunch on the go.


Asian Lemon Chicken Tenders

We all know chicken tenders can hold their own solo, but toss those bad boys in a delicious sauce and dinner goes to another level. Just try these asian lemon chicken tenders, created in the kitchen of Damn Delicious, to see what I mean.


Bacon-Wrapped Honey Barbeque Chicken Tenders

This masterpiece of a dish comes from the mind of Alyssa at What’s Cooking, Love. Using just three ingredients — chicken, bacon and barbecue sauce — these bacon-wrapped tenders can be prepared in minutes and take less than 30 minutes to cook on the grill.


Coconut Lime Chicken Strips

With a mix of savory, sweet, and pungent ingredients like soy sauce, lime zest, ginger, and shredded coconut, these coconut lime chicken strips from Parsley Sage Sweet have a flavor combo that will keep you satisfied, bite after bite. I imagine washing these down with some ice cold sake.