9 Punny Halloween Cat Costumes That Are Seriously Hilarious

Halloween is a big deal for many families, and sometimes even the cat gets roped into the festivities, too. In case you didn't know, cat costumes are a thing, and they're hilarious. In fact, these clever Halloween 2018 costumes for cats are so cute, you might want to pick up several choices for your feline friend.

Although dogs often take to costumes like champs, cats typically aren't as fond of playing dress-up. In the past, I've had cats flop over, freeze, or freak out when costumed, so I haven't attempted to dress a cat in several years. But if your cat is more chill and accepting, then a Halloween costume for kitty could make for a memorable photo or two this October.

When you're trying to dress a cat, keep a few things in mind for everyone's safety. In general, simple clothes are the best choice, and cats should never be left in costume unattended, according to the Catington Post. Also, if your cat gets stressed out by the costume, then take it off ASAP. The experience should be at least a little bit fun for the cat as well.

Hopefully, though, your cat will enjoy dressing up like a cowboy or doctor for a few minutes, and everyone will get a laugh and a photo from the experience. Read on to find your cat's perfect disguise, and enjoy the feline participation in this longstanding holiday tradition.


Get Along, Little Kitties