9 Clues You're Raising A Humorous Child

One of my favorite things about being a mother is that my kids find the humor in just about anything. From prancing around the living room in my heels, to a dog in the park wearing a jacket, it doesn't take much for them to crack themselves up. As a person who is anything but funny, I often wonder what my husband and I did to create these little comic geniuses. Without even knowing it, you may be raising a little Jerry Seinfeld of your own. There are clues you're raising a humorous child.

A good belly laugh can do wonders for the entire family. Not only can it lift your spirits, but laughter is a healthy and positive way to deal with stressful situations. Disappointment is a fact of life, and a kid who can laugh rather than throw a tantrum will be much happier overall.

If your kids display any of the qualities on this list, you may have the makings of someone pretty funny on your hands. As parents, try to encourage the stand-up comedian in your kids. Even though they may not make it to Saturday Night Live, they will be much better equipped to deal with the situations life throws at them — and have a lot of fun while they're at it.


They Love To Laugh

Blowing raspberries on baby's belly is not just fun, it can actually help develop their sense of humor. According to Baby Center, laughing with your baby is a great way to bond, even before they are able to speak. Not to mention encouraging baby to laugh when they are upset, is also a great stress reliever.


They Like To Get Silly

According to Baby Center, a toddler with a good sense of humor will do just about anything to get a laugh — from putting undies on their head to a spoon on their nose.


They're Ready For The Stage

As Kid's Health pointed out, school-aged children love to tell simple jokes, and may often have a hard time getting to the punchline without cracking themselves up.


They Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

According to Parents, a humorous child will find the funny in a bad situation, such as tripping (and not getting hurt) or spilling something.


They Tell Tall Tales

Is your kid so hungry they could eat a horse? Parents also points out that older humorous kids get a kick out of exaggerating.


They Get Creative

Do your kids' family drawings include a mom with a cone-shaped head or a dad with a carrot for a nose? Humorous kids use art as an extension of their creative side and parents are often the butt of their jokes.


They Give Songs A Silly Remix

My little ones love remixing classic kid songs. The pigs on the bus often go 'moo, baa, moo.'


They Like The Element Of Surprise

For babies and toddlers, the 15th round of peek-a-boo is often just as funny as the first. According to Kid's Health, toddlers enjoy physical humor, particularly that which includes the element of surprise.


They Mix Things Up

If you've got a humorous child, beware of letting them get dressed on their own. They get a kick out of looking silly, and may come up with some pretty wacky outfits.