9 Comfortable Sex Positions That Make Sex Easy, Breezy, & Mind Blowing

Nothing kills the mood like discomfort. Whether it's a migraine, back pain, or you're just plain exhausted, sex might be the furthest thing from your mind. But going too long without sex might be enough to motivate you to find comfortable sex positions, because a person can only go so long without some lovin'. The truth is, sex is designed to be pleasurable, but when something is standing in the way of you and your rightful pleasure, it's time to get to the bottom of things and discover new options that will work for you and your partner.

Painful or uncomfortable sex can be due to many different factors. But there is a sex position remedy for everything from chronic pain to pregnancy, and any other condition that may have you avoiding regular romps. The key is to pinpoint what it is that is hindering your pleasure, and go from there. So let's raise a glass to the plethora of sex positions out there, because each person is going to find something different that works for them.

Don't throw in the towel too soon. If you're looking for more comfortable sex positions, start with these nine gems that are the remedy to many common complaints.


The Bed Spread

This position allows the woman to do little to no work while maintain a relaxed pose. The sexperts at Cosmopolitan magazine recommended the bed spread position for those nights when you don't want to exert too much energy. The woman lies on her stomach, with legs hanging off the bed. As her partner enters her, he lifts her legs to be parallel with her body.


Woman On Top

If pain is an issue for you during sex, you'll want to stick with something that puts you in control of the pace and comfort. According to Women's Day magazine, the woman on top position works best to keep pain away when getting busy.


Doggie Style

If it's chronic or temporary back pain (or temporary back pain from a recent injury) that has you aching instead of ahhhh-ing, a simple tweak in positions will help. Refinery 29 noted that doggie style will keep pressure off your spine.



If you're pregnant, certain positions may cause you a lot of discomfort. According to Everyday Health, pregnant woman may feel more comfortable in sex positions where they can lay on their side, such as the spooning position.


Missionary With A Pillow

To alleviate pressure and pain on your lower back, try propping up your back side with a pillow while in the missionary position, as Prevention magazine suggested.


Reverse Cowgirl

If the size of his equipment is what's causing you pain, try out the reverse cowgirl so you're in control. According to Women's Health magazine, girl on top positions are the most comfortable for women whose partners have large penises.


The Faceplant

If penetration is causing you pain, save yourself the aches and make the most of oral. This moves is pretty straight forward, while your partner lies on their back, kneel with your knees next to their ears so your lady parts are positioned over their face, as recommended by Cosmopolitan magazine.


Easy Glider

When you're too exhausted to get creative, but want some laid back action, give the easy glider position a try. As Women's Health pointed out, this sex position allows both partners to lay down and keep a steady back and forth motion while their bodies are pressed together. It's a super comfy position, just make sure you don't fall asleep in the act.


Incorporate Sex Furniture

As sex therapist and expert Dr. Laura Berman reported for Everyday Health, people with muscle and joint issues can find sexual comfort in many positions with with use of sex furniture. These are carefully crafted pieces designed with the pleasure of pain sufferers in mind.