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9 Costco Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Ah, Costco — the giant warehouse that simultaneously houses every mom's grocery shopping dreams and her worst, money-swallowing nightmares. It's all too easy to get lost in the black hole that is the aisles of Costco. Luckily, there are a umber of money and time saving Costco hacks every mom needs to know that will make her shopping trip as successful, strategic, and, of course, sample-filled as possible.

It's no secret that Costco offers some of the best deals on the market, but to a flustered mom trying to corral her children into the same aisle and find the cheapest diaper brand, the giant retailer can be overwhelming. But it just so happens that Costco — intentionally, I'd like to believe — has created several ways to make shopping at their store easier on you.

Aside from stocking up on free samples (that — spoiler alert — have no limit,) being aware of the many ways to make shopping at Costco a breeze will save you time, money, and a heck of a lot of energy in the long run. Some of these hacks involve shopping at Costco without even leaving your house, so read on and be amazed at the magic that you can find within Costco's giant walls.


Shop Kirkland & Save Money

Kirkland is Costco's name brand and often cheaper than the other marked up alternatives. According to Life Hack, the majority of their Kirkland items are made by high quality brands, making them an even better deal. For example, their diapers are made by Huggies, their shampoo is made by Pureology, and their vodka is made by Grey Goose. Three essentials for a low, low price.


You Don't Need A Membership To Score Deals

Don't rush to sign up for a membership if you and your kids are only there for the snack bar. If you tell the employee in the front that you're just getting snacks, alcohol, or using the pharmacy, you can get guest passes for each, according to the Little Things.


Go At Snack Time, Because There Is No Limit On Samples

At most stores, shopping before a meal or during snack time with your kids would be literal hell on earth. But at Costco, you can literally snack while you shop. And best of all? There are no limit to Costco samples, according to MSN.


You Can Get Your Groceries Delivered To Your Door

Don't feel like driving to a giant warehouse to stock up on groceries? You can now get your Costco groceries delivered right to your door, according to USA Today. The option is only available in select states, but the store hopes to roll out the new option to all states soon, the article stated.


Stock Up On Meat

One Buzzfeed article claimed that Costco's meat deals are generally the best in the store (and compared to other stores'), and can be frozen for a long time.


Shop Seasonally To Pay Big Time

Costco offers huge seasonal deals, the aforementioned Life Hack article noted, like most retailers. Things like post-holiday deals or end of the summer markdowns are sales you won't want to miss.


You Can Shop Online

Most people aren't aware that you can buy exactly the same products from your computer that you can find in store. According to the Costco website each product may have varying delivery options, but every department is available for online shopping.


Stick To The Perimeter

All Costco's use the same trick to keep you shopping and spending by spreading out their "essentials" (that you likely came for in the first place) and putting all of the fun, shiny, distracting items in the center. If you stick to the perimeter of the warehouse, you're more likely to find what you need and leave without spending hundreds that you didn't plan on spending, according to Life Hack.


Keep Those Receipts

If you're unsatisfied with a purchase, Costco has a surprisingly accommodating return policy. According to their website, you can return some things to Costco for up to two years after the purchase date. Other items, they will refund in full, even your membership. No questions asked.