9 Costumes For Twins That Aren't Two Peas In A Pod

Halloween with twins can mean twice the stress as you try to brain storm, make, buy, and dress up your candy crazed kids. But, on the other hand, it's also twice the opportunity for creativity, because when you have twins, a whole new set of costume possibilities opens up. There are so many costumes for twins that aren't two peas in a pod or other over-done ideas that you probably all ready considered. These ideas are unique, easy to pull off, and more often than not, pretty darn hilarious when you get it all put together.

If the thought of trick-or-treating with twins is less than appealing to you, wait till you picture your kiddos in these costumes-for-two. Dressing your littles up like peanut butter and jelly or rambunctious minions from Despicable Me, is sure to make them the hit of the block. Plus, coordinated costumes means less stress for you.

Most of these ideas are cheap to buy, or even cheaper to DIY yourself with items you most likely have on hand. They all use basic supplies like t-shirts, fabric paint, or a little bit of cardboard, and can be made in a timely manner, because dressing up your twins shouldn't have to take twice the amount of time.


Peanut Butter And Jelly

This adorable peanut butter and jelly costume ($140) from Etsy would be the perfect one-step costume for your twins that's as original as it is clever.


Han Solo And Princess Leia

Star Wars costumes are notoriously easy to DIY. For Han, all you'd need is a white shirt ($8), a black vest or jacket ($20), and some blue pants ($8). You could make his belt and holster easily with a belt and some cardboard, using this tutorial from More Than Thursdays as a reference.

For Princess Leia, this tutorial from Carie Elle will show you how to turn your little girl into Leia using only a bed sheet and a few other materials you likely have lying around the house.


Salt And Pepper

A classic idea for twins that takes little to nothing to create, turning your babies into salt and pepper this Halloween will be one of the easiest costumes you ever DIY. All you need is a black onesie or t-shirt ($7), and a white onesie or t-shirt ($7). Then, using fabric paint, paint "S" and "P".



Another ridiculously easy DIY costume — all you need to turn your littles into Minions is two pairs of overalls ($17), two yellow shirts ($5) and some goggles.


Batman (Or Batgirl) And Robin

Save time by picking up a few Batman and Robin costumes ($25) from Target.


Jimmy Fallon And The Hashtag Panda Costume

For an equally original and hilarious costume for your twins, go the Tonight Show route and dress your little ones up as Jimmy Fallon and his Hashtag the Panda skit. Get the full tutorial from The House that Lars Built.


Clark Kent And Superman

Turning your kids into superheros is easy. For Clark Kent, a white button down shirt ($7), a tie ($7), some dress pants ($10), and glasses is all you need. And for his super counterpart, a superman shirt ($9)(or blue shirt with the logo painted or printed on top), and red pants ($4) will get the job done.


Mario And Luigi

The Nintendo duo is the perfect costume idea for the twins who love to game. You can buy Mario ($24) and Luigi costumes ($27) from Amazon ensuring you have everything you need to make their costume a hit.


Thing 1 And Thing 2

This is another super simple DIY costume for your real life Thing One and Thing Two's. All you need is two pairs of red shirts ($5) and red pants ($6) or a red and blue tutu ($12), if you're feeling fancy. If you're lucky, you can score ones with the logo's already printed ($10) on them. Otherwise, simply paint them on with white and black fabric paint.