9 Creative Ways to Use Dry Shampoo That Don't Involve Cleaning Hair

Dry shampoo is having its moment, and rightfully so.  It’s an old-school beauty product that dates back to at least the 1940s, but it’s more popular now than ever. If you’re pressed for time, trying to cut down on heat styling, or even looking to conserve water, then dry shampoo may be your new BFF. But dry shampoo does more than cleanse your hair after an all-nighter. There are endless creative ways to use dry shampoo, making this beauty staple one of the most versatile on the market.

Yes, that bottle of magic can work in ways you may never have imagined. Thanks to the endless ingenuity of beauty bloggers, people are using dry shampoo to exercise more effectively, achieve the perfect power brow, and even create hairdos inspired by a professional stylist. Basically, it can do everything except drive you to work in the morning (though it can cut down on time spent  getting ready for work, which is just as impressive.) So whether you’re trying to use up a 20-year supply or want to experiment with this innovative product, here are nine creative and genius ways to use dry shampoo that don’t involve cleaning your hair.


Power Your Brows

Trying to achieve brows on fleek? The key may lie in your dry shampoo. According to beauty blogger, dry shampoo help shape and structure eyebrows. “It tames my brows and keeps every brow hair in place without looking overdone,” she said.   


2. Keep Pins In Place


Turn Up The Volume

Does your hair go limp after straightening? Get some extra volume back by spraying dry shampoo from your roots to mid-shaft, then brushing.


Hide Your Roots

Since dry shampoo comes in a rainbow of colors, you can use the spray to camouflage your root growth. It’s just as effective as a touch-up in a box, but much cheaper. Try this trick next time you’re waiting to see your stylist.


Give Your Locks A Lift

“When I am looking for large volume, but an airy, not-so–set-in-place style, dry shampoo is my go-to," Michael Dueñas, a celebrity stylist told This is a great alternative to using a blow dryer and bottle of hairspray.


Control Sweaty Palms

You know how gymnasts use chalk to improve their grip while attacking the high bar? You can achieve the same kind of result by using dry shampoo to banish sweaty palms while doing yoga, lifting weights, or even rock climbing.


7. Bring Bangs Back To Life

Bangs can fall a little limp after a cut, but dry shampoo can revive them. “When applying dry shampoo to your bangs, let it sit for two minutes so it can absorb the excess oil,” award-winning stylist Mario Russo told Fox. News Magazine. “Then, blast roots with a blow dryer on a warm temperature."


Combat Excess Product

Get a little heavy-handed with the dry oil spray? It happens. Use dry shampoo to soak up the excess product and start fresh.


Ward Off Frizz

Help fight humidity and other hair-destroying weather phenomena by spraying your strands with dry shampoo before venturing outdoors. Because hair changes in length based on the amount of moisture in the air, a bit of dry shampoo can act as a barrier between your hair and the elements.

Images: azzakova/Fotolia; Courtesy of hey__paul, Loredana Lavino, George Vale, Mycatkins, Francesca Cappa, GoToVan, Rachel Titiriga, Maegan Tintari, Georgie Pauwels/Flickr