9 Creepy AF Ways To Dress Your Baby Bump For Halloween

Being pregnant at Halloween is pretty great, because you have the chance to rock some once-in-a-lifetime costumes. Making your belly the costume's centerpiece opens up a whole world of new options. The creepy ways to dress your baby bump for Halloween are endless, so feel free to get creative. This can be a Halloween to remember.

Hey, even though you're a mom-to-be, you can still have a super freaky holiday this October. Although friends and family might expect you to go the cute and sweet route for a costume, why not ghoul it up? You're in the perfect position to embrace skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, and movie monsters like never before. The growing baby just makes everything a little more creepy.

Whether you want to go all-out or just throw on a timely t-shirt, these costume ideas will have you thinking about Halloween in a whole new way. Plus, your baby gets to experience the holiday even before birth. How many people get to be so lucky? Maybe this will be the beginning of a new tradition, in which you and your kid wear coordinating creepy costumes for years to come. Whatever the case, enjoy your holiday as an expectant mom, and be sure to get plenty of photos your kid can enjoy in later years.


Carl From 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force'

OK, so I saw a picture of this pregnant lady dressed as Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force in HuffPo. It was so brilliant, I lost my entire mind. If you want to embrace this level of weirdness, you'll need a bald cap ($13), a big hairy mustache ($6), an oversized white tank ($35), a gold chain necklace ($18), and some blue pants ($15).



For a low-key costume, throw on a maternity Halloween shirt with pumpkin ($20) and call it a night. To add a few accessories, throw on a flame cap ($12) and green maternity leggings ($33). You're ready to glow.


Escapee Baby

Get ready to dismantle a baby doll for this look. The zombie baby maternity halloween costume can be disturbing, as shown in HuffPo. Start with a basic maternity dress ($32), than attach baby doll arms and legs ($22) around the bump. Squiggle some glow-in-the-dark paint ($2) around the shirt and you're all set. You are almost certain to make someone scream.


Chestburster from 'Alien'

Get ready to give your friends and family nightmares for years to come. The Alien chestburster costume ($37 to $103) will highlight your evening. Bring a facehugger plush toy ($24) or two to throw at unsuspecting people.


Magic 8-Ball

Pretend you can see into the mysteries of the future. Well, unless the answer is hazy. For this simple look, throw on a black maxi maternity dress ($30). Paste a paper "8" on your belly, or layer a Magic 8 Ball shirt ($29) over your dress. Add some sweet Magic 8 Ball earrings ($9), and your outlook for partying is positive indeed.


Skeleton Baby

This costume is cute, creepy, and somewhat anatomically correct. Throw on a baby skeleton maternity shirt ($14), some skeleton gloves ($9), and a lovely skull mask ($7). The Halloween skeleton leggings ($35) are a nice touch, too.


Stay-Puft Man From 'Ghostbusters'

Go retro this year. Start with a white maternity dress ($24), then add a small red neckerchief ($3). A blue sailor's collar ($11) will really tie everything together. Top it off with a white sailor's cap ($6) and you're ready to terrify an entire city.


Mummy And Me

Hey, it's a Halloween classic, and the pun potential is too great to bypass. Begin with a Mummy-to-be shirt ($15), loosely wind some cotton medical gauze ($15) around your body, and finish off the look with a creepy mummy mask ($7). Your costume's a wrap. (Sorry).


Pennywise From 'IT'

This costume is only for brave souls. Because the getup is a bit elaborate, finding an adult Pennywise costume ($36+) may be your best bet. If that's not your style, a simple Pennywise maternity shirt ($30) still gives off a creepy vibe. Carry around a red balloon ($6), or even tape one to your belly. You'll spook everyone right the eff out.