9 Cute Kid-Friendly DIY Christmas Decorations That Are Actually Realistic

Many of the traditional holiday DIY decorations are not exactly built with kids in mind. Sure, delicate glass ornaments, light-draped trees, and elaborate wreathes make gorgeous Christmas decor, but most of those require serious adult supervision. Fortunately, these kid-friendly DIY Christmas decorations let your little ones get in on the holiday fun, too. Playing around with glitter and paint can also help your kiddo pass the time while waiting for the big day to arrive.

Pipe cleaners, felt, and other durable craft supplies let even the littlest helpers create adorable holiday decorations. What's more heartwarming than decorations created by your very own kid, anyway? They're so much more meaningful than anything you an get in a store — probably cheaper, too. Plus, many of these crafts are so seriously cute that you'll probably keep them around for years to come.

Oh, and if you're a little intimated in the craft department (like me), all of these decorations feature clear step-by-step guides and plenty of photo illustrations. The materials are simple and readily available at any craft store, so the prep work for these activities is not that intense. So if any of these decorations pique your interest, set aside a few minutes to make fun stuff with your kid this holiday season, like these adorable kid-friendly DIY Christmas decorations. Who knows, crafting just might become a new Christmas tradition for your family.


Candy Cane Ornaments

Sometimes the simplest crafts are the most fun and festive. For instance, these DIY candy cane ornaments from A Little Craft In Your Day are made from basic craft supplies you might already have on hand: beads and pipe cleaners. The finished candy canes are so adorable, and they would look right at home on any Christmas tree, garland, or even on a wrapped gift.


Candy Cane Sleighs

How completely adorable are these little sleighs? The candy cane sleighs from Princess Pinky Girl would look perfect lined up along the mantelpiece. They also make a great last-minute stocking stuffer for anyone on your list. Plus, what kid wouldn't enjoy crafting with candy?


Cereal Box Christmas Tree

This craft helps you recycle some of those cereal boxes you go through each week, so it's especially helpful. The cereal box Christmas tree from My Poppet just needs a little paint and whatever decorative craft supplies you have on hand to act as ornaments. You and your little one can make these trees as colorful and creative as you like.


Christmas Angel Craft

Every holiday decoration should involve some hand-outline art, because it's beyond adorable. In this case, the Christmas angel kids craft from Girl Loves Glam uses your little one's hand as a stencil to create these darling angel wings. This is a sweet decoration that would also make a lovely gift for the grandparents.


Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

Is there anything popsicle sticks can't do? In this case, the useful craft sticks take on a holiday spin. The craft stick Christmas tree ornament from This Grandma Is Fun is adorable and easy to personalize with some construction paper, buttons, and any other tiny color objects you have lying around the house.


Easy Wood Ornaments

This is such a simple craft, but the end result is a sweet keepsake ornament. The easy wood ornaments from Creative Green Living let your kid get really creative with the color and design choices. Chances are, this little project become a tradition in itself and will stay with your Christmas decorations for years to come.


Felt Christmas Wreath

When it comes to kid-friendly craft supplies, felt is pretty much perfect. It's soft but holds its shape and definitely not high on the choking-hazards list. As this felt Christmas wreath courtesy of DIY Candy shows, a few scraps of felt and a little bit of glue can make a delightful holiday decoration.


Glitter Ornaments

For slightly older kids, the holidays are a perfect time to break out the most festive craft supply of all, glitter. These DIY glitter ornaments for kids from Number 2 Pencil make a super-sparkly orb to hang on your tree. As a bonus, the glitter is kept inside the ornament, making it slightly less messy than the typical glitter craft.


Llama Cinnamon Dough Ornament

You and your kids can embrace the llama trend with this adorable ornament. The llama cinnamon dough ornament from 30 Minute Crafts is sweet, simple, and lightly scented. They're made using, I kid you not, applesauce and cinnamon — that's it! Step aside, reindeer, because it's all about the llamas this Christmas.

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