9 Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving And Christmas, Bc Setting Up Once Is Enough

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I take holiday decorating extremely seriously. I have strong opinions about what color Christmas lights I like, and I could write a dissertation on the proper use of a garland. Decorations set the tone for how wonderful the holidays will be, IMO, so they are of the utmost importance. If you're with me, you're probably mapping out how you can make your Christmas decorations work for Thanksgiving, because why should only one holiday be magical? Don't worry, I've got the answers you need.

Not everyone decorates their house for Thanksgiving — and no judgement from me; I just think it adds a little something extra to the event — probably because they don't want to decorate the house twice within a one-month period. So the key to making your holiday decor work for you is finding pieces that are appropriate for all the occasions you're celebrating. Find items that feel seasonal and festive without letting one holiday outshine the other. Though, you totally can add in a few special Christmas touches once Thanksgiving is over.

Read on for some holiday accents you can add throughout the home to take you from Thanksgiving to the New Year.


Make Silver And Gold Your Best Friends

Holiday decor feels out of place on Thanksgiving if you lean too far into the Christmas spirit aka if you cover everything in red and green. Instead of relying on those quintessential Christmas colors to give your house the holiday spirit, try using silver and gold. The colors are more neutral so nothing will feel out of place on Thanksgiving, but your house will still look special and wonder-filled. I like these thanksgiving placecards made of Resin, courtesy of Lovely Indeed, which you can use to make your dinner table festive all season long.


Deck The Halls With...Paper?

This idea might seem kind of random, but you can't deny it looks festive. This Holiday Party With One Ream Of Office Paper DIY from The House That Lars Built is beautiful, and the neutral color scheme will make it feel appropriate for any holiday, really. Plus, your kids can get in on this craft, and they'll be pleased to see their decor hung for all to see.


Make A Statement With Your Mantle

My mom always spent hours covering our fireplace with garland and decorative beads when we decorated for the holidays, and I remember being surprised each year by how classy she managed to make the mantle look. To bring the holiday vibes to your mantle without relying on stockings, try this Mylar Pom-Pom Garland DIY courtesy of A Beautiful Mess. It's festive and cute, and reins in the whole Christmas thing a bit. It's the perfect balance.


Use Pine Cones For Decor

Wreaths are a holiday staple, and there's an easy and affordable way to make one that will work well from November to January. This Grapevine Evergreen Wreath made by Jo-Anna of A Pretty Life In The Suburbs People can be recreated using things you find in your yard — she only spent $20 on the whole thing. People may associate the smell of the wreath with Christmas, but the outdoorsy focus won't feel out of place at Thanksgiving.


Create Festive Candle Holders

Candles make every holiday celebration feel more festive, so I love the idea of using painted holiday candle jars throughout the holiday season, like these from Handmade Charlotte. You can stick to earth tones to make them feel fall-like, and your kids can get in on the fun of making them. Imagine how cute they'll be on all of your tables.


Make Friends With Greenery

Greenery can help take your centerpiece to the next level, and I'm loving this Fall Centerpiece Tutorial courtesy of Natalie Wright. Transition the centerpiece to Christmas by swapping out the candles for red and green versions (or the DIY ones you made!) after Thanksgiving is over.


Use The Power of Light

Christmas lights often mark the difference between Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, and you can use that to your advantage when decorating your house for both holidays. Blogger Julie Blanner recommends getting small decorative trees to decorate the house in November, but keep the lights on the trees off until after Thanksgiving. Your house will look and smell like the holidays, but it won't feel like Christmas until you're ready.


Get Ornamental Accents On Your Side

Ornaments are a very Christmas-esque decoration, but if you remember my tip about silver and gold and think about putting them somewhere besides a tree, you might be surprised how much holiday spirit they can add to Thanksgiving. You can make these DIY glitter ornaments, courtesy of Burlap+Blue, and put them in a large vase for a fun centerpiece, or try hanging them on your curtain rods to add ambiance to your party space.


Let Archways Lead The Way

When finding pieces that work for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's best to be subtle; giant candy canes lining the path to your front door will definitely scream December. Using cedar garland to give your archways a decorative touch, like Amy from Homey Oh My suggests, adds a bit of holiday spirit without going over-the-top. Whether you just frame your front door or cover every available entryway, the garland will feel appropriate for the entire holiday season.