9 Diaper Changing Hacks That Will Save Your Butt (And Baby's Too)

The good thing about your baby being in diapers is you don't have to run around like a maniac looking for a restroom when they have to go. A quick diaper change will have you on your way in no time. The bad thing is that these little ones don't have the words or the self-control to hold their business until they're safe at home. This often leaves mom looking to change their babes in some pretty creative ways. But mamas need not fear. There are plenty of diaper changing hacks out there that are sure to make your life easier the next time you find yourself dealing with a messy bum.

From the tools you need to have stocked in your diaper bag to some convenient time-saving tips, this list will give you simple ideas to make your diaper changing experience a little less messy and give you some peace of mind. If you're going to have to have your hands in poo several times a day for at least the first three years of your kid's life, you should at least be able to get through with as little on your hands as possible. And to think, Mother's Day only happens once a year.


Keep Purell Handy

Soap and water may not be readily available if you need to change a nappy while you're out and about. Mommy blogger, Jessica of Mommy has a life keeps Purell handy to keep hands clean when she can't get to a sink.


Always Have A Changing Pad

Take this tip from blogger and mom of three Gemma Hartley, and keep a changing pad with a removable cover near your changing station to avoid a blowout disaster on your table.


Befriend The Plastic Bag

Hartley also recommends keeping plastic Ziploc bags in your diaper bag to hold that dirty diaper if a blowout happens when you're away from home.


Use Your Pinky

Mariel, mom of six and creator of Or So She Says, uses her pinky finger to apply diaper rash cream. This keeps the rest of her clean until she can make her way to the sink.


Keep Your Nails Short

Mommyish cautions moms to keep their nails short. Long manis make undoing diaper tabs tough. And no one wants to find residual poop under their nails!


Lather On The Petroleum Jelly

If you have a newborn, life hack site recommends rubbing a little petroleum jelly on their tush. It makes for easy removal of newborn baby poo that is especially sticky.


Spray Away

Quickanddirtytips also suggests mommies keep a spray bottle with warm water near your changing table to get rid of residual poo on your baby's tush. After the tenth diaper change of the day, it will feel a whole lot better than a wipe.


Pull The Onesie Down

Blowouts are unavoidable, but you can keep the poo from getting in baby's hair during cleanup. I've learned from experience, that pulling the onesie down rather than over the baby's head keeps the mess at a minimum.


Double Up On Diapers

If you tear one of the tabs on your diaper, don't throw it away. Abbie at M is for Mama places a second diaper on top of the torn one and fastens in place. Unless your baby has a major blowout, the top diaper is clean and ready to use when the first diaper gets dirty.