9 DIY Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

One of the cool things about being pregnant during the start of the holiday season — besides the obvious perk of growing a tiny human inside of you, of course — is that your baby bump opens up a whole new world of costume options for Halloween. Plus, you can use your burgeoning belly as a built-in prop for any of your fun ideas. You might want to consider DIY creative Halloween costumes for pregnant women, since you're clearly already a pro at creating life.

You've probably already discovered that your bump has wonderful powers, such as catching crumbs, being a natural tray for food or drink, a comfy place to rest your arms, and so much more. So let your magical motherly figure take center stage this Halloween and use your pregnant shape to make the most out of your costume this holiday season.

So whether you're feeling a little overwhelmed if it's first year celebrating Halloween as a pregnant woman, you're stumped on ideas for what to dress up as, or you're just looking to mix things up a bit and try something new this season, you can get your creative juices flowing with these idea-inspiring, DIY Halloween costumes perfect for any pregnant woman.


The Death Star

Black Shirt, $8, Amazon | Black Maternity Leggings, $12, Amazon | White Fabric Paint, $5, Amazon | Death Star Stencil, $3, Etsy | Non-Toxic Body Paint, $2, Party City

To start, you'll need a black shirt and a pair of black maternity leggings to represent the darkness of space. (Bonus points if you add little dots of white fabric paint on your outfit to look like stars.) Next, you can either purchase a Death Star stencil or free-hand it from memory. You can either apply the design directly on the shirt using the fabric paint or cut a hole in your shirt so you can transform your bump into the Death Star with non-toxic body paint in shades of gray, white, silver, or black.


Lori Grimes

The Walking Dead/Netflix

Loose Fit Gray Tank Top, $6, Amazon | Plaid Button Up Shirt, $16, Amazon | Maternity Jeans, $20, Amazon | Cowboy Boots, $36, Amazon | Fake Holster and Gun, $13, Amazon

Perhaps the most memorable pregnant character from The Walking Dead is none other than the late, Lori Grimes. To look the part, you'll need a loose-fit gray tank top, a plaid button-up which you can cut the sleeves off of if you like, a pair of rugged maternity jeans, trusty pull-on cowboy boots, and of course, a fake holster and gun. Just try not to get attacked by walkers while you're out roaming the streets for candy.


Maggie Greene

The Walking Dead/Netflix

Olive Green Maternity Tank, $12, Amazon | Oversized Jacket, $27, Amazon | Maternity Skinny Jeans, $22, Amazon | Rugged Combat Boots, $32, Amazon | Trusty Utility Belt, $13, Amazon

Another pregnant character from The Walking Dead is Maggie Green, so you can use this holiday to channel your inner farmer-turned-badass. You'll need an olive green maternity tank, an over-sized jacket, dark-wash maternity skinny jeans, rugged combat boots, and a trusty utility belt, so you'll be just as prepared as Maggie always is.


Mike Wakowski

Green Body Suit, $29, Amazon | Non-Toxic Body Paint, $2, Party City

Everyone's favorite wannabe "scarer" has to be Mike Wakowski from Monsters, Inc. Since he's basically a beach ball with arms and legs, pregnancy is a perfect time to try this costume out. All you need is a green body suit, non-toxic body paint in shades of white, black, and blue, for his giant eye. Simply cut out a hole for your bump to show, then do your best job to paint Mike Wakowski's likeness on your beach ball-sized tummy.


A Basketball

Orange Body Paint, $5, Party City | Black Makeup Stick, $3, Party City

A super simple solution and an oldie but a goodie pregnancy costume idea is to dress your baby bump up as a basketball. This surprisingly easy look involves just three items: a picture of a basketball for reference, non-toxic orange body paint and a black makeup stick so you can get ready to bounce. Just apply the paint to your bump and you're ready to hit the court.


Juno McGuff

Green Hooded Jacket, $17, Amazon | Striped Top, $9, Amazon | Plaid Mini Skirt, $15, Amazon | Maternity Jeans, $20, Amazon | Plaid Chuck Taylors, $68, Amazon

Another instantly recognizable pregnant fictional character is Juno McGuff from the aptly titled, Juno. In addition to a blazing sarcastic wit, you'll need a green hooded-jacket, a striped top, a plaid miniskirt to go over a pair of comfy maternity jeans, and plaid Chuck Taylors to complete the look.


An Avocado

Green T-Shirt, $5, Amazon | Brown Maternity Tank, $9, Amazon | Green Maternity Leggings, $24, Amazon

You know when you're humming, "peel the avocado," while you're making your guacamole and you notice that once it's cut open one side has a nut sticking out? That's the basis for the avocado-themed Halloween costume. You're the avocado and your baby bump is the nut. Just wear a green t-shirt and cut a hole so your brown maternity tank can be the avocado nut. You can also wear a pair of green maternity leggings to tie the look together, if you'd like.


A Goldfish Bowl

Goldfish Temporary Tattoo, $2, Amazon | Non-Toxic Blue Body Paint, $5, Party City | Non-Toxic Brown Makeup Cream, $2, Party City | Non-Toxic Makeup Crayons, $2, Party City

Turn your baby bump into a goldfish bowl, complete with water, bubbles, fish, sand, and anything else you can imagine. Start off by placing your goldfish temporary tattoo on your stomach, then cover the top two-thirds of your bump with non-toxic blue body paint and the bottom third with non-toxic brown makeup cream for the sand. Then you can use a set of non-toxic makeup crayons to make bubbles, sandcastles, or any other fishbowl accessories you'd like. It might be a good idea to stay away from cats though.


A Cat & Ball Of Yarn

Black Body Suit, $25, Amazon | Kitten Paw Mittens, $8, Amazon | Cat Ears, $5, Amazon | Face Paint, $3, Party City | Glue Gun, $4, Amazon | Red Yarn, $6, Amazon

Speaking of cats, if you've ever caught yourself absentmindedly playing with your baby bump like a kitten with a ball of yarn, then have I got the perfect costume for you. Channel your inner feline by wearing a black bodysuit, kitten paw mittens, cat ears, a tail, a collar, and paint on some cute whiskers with face paint while you're at it, too. Next, you'll need a glue gun and some red yarn or any color, really. Simply glue the yarn on the bodysuit in a pattern that will resemble a ball of yarn once you have it on. You can leave a few strands loose in case you get bored at the party.