9 Double Stroller Hacks That Every Parent Of 2 Should Know

When you're adding a second child to your family, you'll probably find that your shopping list is considerably smaller than with your first child. You already have a crib, a car seat, a highchair and all of the tiny baby spoons and bibs that you could ever need. There's one thing may not have, however, that you'll definitely need — a double stroller. And in case you're worried about pushing a stroller that's almost as wide as your car around town, there are a few double stroller hacks that will make life with two in tow considerably less stressful.

I had my second daughter last summer, and this year has been one giant learning curve of trying to function around town while juggling a baby and a 2-year-old. It's not always easy; sometimes I feel like we are more of an exhibit at the zoo, than visitors. But with a little practice and a lot of upper body strength, managing two kids becomes second nature.

My double stroller has quite honestly saved my sanity on several occasions. Whether you're out with your partner or handling the kiddos on your own, a double stroller is a must have for families with multiple children. And these hacks will make it even easier.


Make Sure It Collapses

Echo Twin Stroller, $190, Amazon

A collapsible stroller, like this Echo Twin Stroller from Chico Shop, is a must-have if you plan to bring it on road-trips, plane rides or tight quarters. If you tend to forget to to collapse and open it, put a sticker by the release button, that way it will be impossible to miss.


Add Zip Ties To The Wheels To Add Traction

Even if it's chilly out, you've still got places to be! Us Weekly noted that adding a few zip ties to each wheel can add a little traction without making it a bumpy ride for your kids.


Befriend The Carabiners

Stroller Hooks, $8, Amazon

With two kiddos in tow, you'll have less storage in the stroller than before, even with the provided spaces. Using one of these stroller hooks or any large carabiner can help to hold your diaper bag, shopping bags or purse, opening up extra storage.


Store Sippy Cups In A Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer, $7, Amazon

Use this tutorial from Merry Pad to turn your old shoe organizers into a sippy cup holder for the inside of your stroller's storage basket. All you need is a little velcro.


Loose The "Extras" For Traveling

If you plan to bring your stroller through airport security, or crammed into the back of your trunk, take off the "extras" like cup holders, baskets and even handle padding or bags if you need to. This makes your stroller much less bulky and lessens the chances of the extra parts getting lost on the trip. Simply throw them into your suitcase or carry on for safe keeping.


Put Ankle Weights To Work

Ankle Weights, $11, Amazon

We've all been the mom who's stroller has tipped over because it was unevenly weighted. If you're hanging bags from the back or have extra weight somewhere, attach a few ankle weights to the front legs of the stroller to keep it stable when you take your child out of the seat.


Toddler "Stroller Wash"

My personal favorite hack from the viral YouTube video by Whats Up Moms kills two birds with one stone. Wear out your toddlers while cleaning away the dirt and grime from an outting. Simply pour a little water and dish soap on the stroller and let your kiddo do the rest.


Push Along

If you have a toddler who doesn't love being confined but can't walk alone when you're out, have them "help" you by standing between you and the stroller, helping to push the little one by holding on to the lower bar. Move your bags or other items into their seat to make room for your little helper.


"Ledge" Seating

You know that randomly placed cup holder ledge along the handle of your stroller? It can also double nicely as a seat for older kids who don't have the patience to stay strapped in to the smaller seats. Obviously, never leave your child unattended up there, but in a pinch, it works better than letting them run alongside you. Place your bags in the second seat to add extra weight to the front.