9 Early 2000s Songs You Didn't Realize Were Dirty Until Now

Oh, the early 2000s. It was an era of trucker hats, bizarre reality shows, and some pretty raunchy songs. Actually, there are several early 2000s songs you didn’t realize were dirty. For instance, I recently heard “Peaches and Cream” for the first time in years and just realized he’s not singing about ice cream. At least not in the literal sense.

But it’s cool. When you’re younger, some lyrics are just too subtle for you to catch, which is probably a good thing. But when you encounter these songs again as an adult, it’s easy to see just how dirty these double entendres can get. In fact, some are more like single entendres they’re so direct. And part of the meaning was probably obscured by the radio edit versions of these songs; when you hear the unedited track on Pandora as an adult, it's enough to make you blush.

However raunchy these songs may be, they’re still great fun to play all these years later. I mean, I still sing “hot and fresh out the kitchen” to myself when I’m cooking. Music was a lot of things in the early 2000s, but it was definitely catchy. Here’s a roundup of the songs from that era that mean something a little different than what you may remember.


"It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy

This bouncy, happy Shaggy song from 2000 describes the actions of an affair with no spare detail. The singer feels bad because his longtime lover caught him butt naked, "banging on the bathroom floor," the counter, the sofa, and just about every where else. Even at the time I knew this was a pretty risque song, but the as an adult I'm thinking this is not something I should have been singing at 15. In the car. With my mom.


"The Way You Move" by OutKast

On first listen, OutKast's 2003 hit "The Way You Move" just sounds like a man admiring a woman's dance moves. But on closer inspection, the lyrics mention the phenomenon of an "eargasm" as well as some interesting references to the female anatomy. Big Bio's lighthearted, but ultimately dirty, lyrics prove he is not one to mince words when describing what he likes.


"This Love" by Maroon 5

This Maroon 5 single, released in 2004, starts off like any other poppy love song from the era, but Adam Levine's promise to keep a girl "cumming every night" make it kind of an R-rated tune. And the video makes its subtext a little more obvious.


"Peaches & Cream" by 112

First, take a moment to appreciate the very-2001 album cover featuring leather trench coats, fine cars, and atmospheric smoke. But 112 wasn't playing with lyrics like "So all the ladies in the house if your peaches to share." They aren't talking about a yogurt shop.


"Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker

This 2001 song by Uncle Kracker sounds like a gentle little ditty, but it's really about a guy seducing a married woman. In an interview with MTV News about the song, Mr. Kracker said "I’ve heard some people think that I’m talking about drugs, or some people think I’m talking about cheating. I guess it’s kinda both."


"Butterfly" by Crazy Town

Crazy Town's single from 2000 has a catchy hook, rap rock stylings, and a music video that looks like visions from a fever dream. But the lyrics, which beg a woman to cum and mention nipple piercings, make me wonder how this ever got played at school dances.


"Whenever, Wherever" by Shakira

So Shakira's lyrics about "small and humble" breasts is not the dirtiest lyric on the list, but it's one of those lines that likely flew right by you when the song first debuted. Oh, Shakira: please never change.


"Oops (Oh My)" by Tweat

Yeah, Tweet's 2002 hit was just one big ode to self-love. I definitely never picked up on that before, but hearing the lyrics again now, it's pretty obvious.


"Goodies" by Ciara

Oh, the "goodies" are really . . . oh, I get it now. In 2004, Ciara's single dominated the airwaves and music video channels, inspiring girls the world over to sing this tune and probably embarrass their parents at the same time. Those were the days.