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9 Easter Egg Dyeing Ideas For Kids

With Easter coming up, it's time to pull out all of the stops for your family's favorite DIY activity of the year. Get ready to start gathering your art supplies and food coloring, because every mom needs to prepare before sitting down and dyeing those eggs. And if you're getting bored with the same patterns and colors every year, there are dozens of different Easter egg dyeing ideas for kids that modernize the holiday tradition.

Try taking a little extra time away from deciding what to put in the kids' Easter baskets, and dedicate it to thinking of unique ways to dye eggs with them. From modern hues and designs, to fun shapes and patterns, there are many dyeing tricks that can work for both parents and kids. The best part? You can really make them however you'd like. Stick to one design option, or test out five of them at once — the choice is all yours. You can even pick an alternate dyeing method that can also help to ease that messy clean up later on too.

There are plenty of Easter egg dyeing ideas for you to choose from and enjoy during the spring season. So why not get started with one of these nine egg dyeing ideas for kids.


DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs

This out-of-this-world galaxy Easter egg design from A Little Craft In Your Day is sure to be a hit with your kids. Dye your egg one solid color, and either choose food coloring or paints to create a galaxy design.


Margarine-Marbled Egg

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This splattered egg design from Better Homes And Gardens simply requires food coloring and margarine, which you probably already have in your fridge. You'll have a cool speckled design in no time.


Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Looking to ditch the traditional food coloring and go for something more natural? These naturally dyed eggs from Wholefully allow you to use food coloring to naturally dye your eggs.


Neon Dip-Dyed Eggs

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Go for a modern look with these neon dipped eggs from HGTV. Keep portions of your eggs out of the food coloring when dunking to create a color blocking effect.


Rainbow Easter Eggs

Number 2 Pencil shows you how to get the best and brightest eggs this season with its rainbow Easter eggs. The traditional must haves include white vinegar and food coloring, but expect to change your process up a bit.


Tie-Dyed Eggs


Create a funky design with this tie-dyed Easter egg idea from HGTV. All you need is white vinegar, paper towels, rubber bands, and food coloring to recreate this colorful masterpiece.


Masking Tape Eggs

PinkStripeySocks offers an easy way to switch up your dyed Easter eggs with masking tape. Cut and place masking tape on your egg before dyeing to create any pattern or shape that you'd like.


Crackled Easter Eggs

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Put a fun twist with this Good Housekeeping crackled Easter egg design idea to change up your traditional activity. You'll see a cool shattered effect when you crack the shell before dyeing, and peeling it off after chilling the eggs in the fridge.


Ombre Egg

Although these Ombre Eggs from Better Homes And Gardens may take a bit more time, the results are definitely worth it. Gather a bottle cap, food coloring, some eggs, and you'll be good to go.