9 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Kids

Kids have a way of making holidays more fun. Not only do they give you an excuse eat lots of sweet treats, but they allow you to tap into your creative side by decorating your home and making up games the entire family can enjoy. And that's especially true come Easter time. For a wannabe Martha Stewart like me, the only thing more fun than decorating Easter eggs with my kids is watching my little ones tear through the house to find them. But the hunt can get stale after a while, which is why you need a few Easter egg hunt ideas for kids.

As your kids grow, they are less likely to participate in family traditions. So in order to keep things going, you need to switch it up. Try stuffing your eggs with candy, dollar store goodies, or even a simple exercise. You can add a piñata, puzzle pieces, and even glow in the dark eggs to make things even more interesting.

This Easter, give one of these kid-friendly egg hunt ideas a try. Don't worry — no one will tell if you decide to give yourself a break by making the eggs a little harder for your kids to find.


Tie One On

If you're afraid that a traditional egg hunt will be too difficult (and, thus, too time consuming) for little hunters, Country Living suggested tying balloons to the eggs to make them easier for little eyes to spot.


Turn The Tables

If you're looking for an easy way to make things different this year, you can shake things up by letting the kids do the hiding, as She Knows recommended. Any items you don't find are fair game for the little ones to enjoy.


Get Active

If you want to help your kids burn a little energy, Country Living suggested placing messages inside the eggs that direct them to do a simple exercise. After a day of jumping jacks and toe touches, they'll have earned at least one piece of chocolate.


Just Beat It

If you don't want your kids to spend hours searching for the treats, try an Easter piñata idea from She Knows. Even older kids can get in on the fun by taking a swing for the Easter goodies.


Puzzle Hunt

If you're looking for an alternative to candy, try this Easter puzzle hunt idea from Country Living. Place puzzle pieces inside of plastic eggs that your kids can put together to create a cool Easter themed picture. If you want to take your creativity to the next level, you can use blank puzzle pieces to draw your own picture or message.


Scavenger Hunt

If you have older kids who want more than an ordinary egg hunt, you can try an Easter egg scavenger hunt, as The Daily Meal recommended. Give your kids a list of items they need to find. When they've completed the list, give them one last clue that will lead them to their Easter baskets or a larger prize.


Get Your Glow On

If you'd rather hunt at night, you can try this glow in the dark egg hunt idea from Woman's Day. Hide plastic glow in the dark eggs around the house or yard, and let your whole family have fun finding them.


Make It Personal

If you have kids of different ages or tastes, The Daily Meal suggested you customize the hidden eggs with their initials. Not only will it make things more challenging, it will guarantee that each kid gets an age-appropriate prize they'll enjoy.


Add A Special Egg

You can make your hunt even more interesting by adding a special golden egg, as Women's Day suggested. You'll be raising the stakes for all of your little hunters by hiding an extra special prize inside.