9 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Parents

Whether you celebrate Easter as part of your religion or you just enjoy indulging in colorful candy, there's no doubt it's a day for making memories. Whether it's church service, a family meal, or digging into a basket stuffed with goodies (or all three), kids and adults alike both find so much to love about Easter. One tradition that's a blast for the little ones is the Easter egg hunt. If you're planning one for your kids and you're looking to mix it up a bit this year, there are some fun new Easter egg hunt ideas for parents you might want to consider.

Egg hunts can easily be customized to suit the age of your children. There are ways to make it a bit easier for even the littlest hunters to spot their eggs, as well as ways to make the hunts more complicated and engaging for older kids who would otherwise snap up all the eggs in a matter of minutes. It also doesn't matter if you've got a massive back yard or you're hiding eggs inside your apartment— these ideas will work either way.

Here are nine ideas that should make your hunt eggs-stra fun this year.


Make It A Scavenger Hunt, Too

Finding hidden eggs is fun, but making it more of a challenge is even more exciting for little ones. Country Living suggested turning your egg hunt into a scavenger hunt by giving kids a check list of things to do and find.


Make It A Balloon Hunt


Younger kids and toddlers may have a hard time finding egg-hiding spots. House Beautiful suggested giving them a helping hand by tying balloons to each egg. They'll make the eggs much easier to see and hang on to.


Give Them Some Clues


Another great way to point little egg hunters in the right direction? Country Living suggested painting some bunny paw prints leading to their eggs.


Hunt For The Golden Egg

If your kids are old enough to get into the competitive spirit without it leading to tears, Woman's Day suggested raising the stakes with a golden egg. You can consider it the grand prize for the day, with whoever finding it getting a special gift or even some cash.


Put The Kids In Charge


Who says kids get to have all the fun? She Knows suggested flipping the script and letting kids hide the eggs for the adults to find. Little ones will get a huge kick out of trying to stump their parents, and parents will get to feel like kids again.


Assign The Eggs

Easter egg hunts are usually great fun, but they can lead to fighting and tears if one kid is grabbing up more eggs than the others. You can keep things fair by giving each kid a specific type of egg to find, according to the Huffington Post. You can divvy them up by color, design, or even just by writing their names on them.


Skip The Chocolate

To keep your kids from going into sugar overload, Live Strong suggested getting creative when it comes to stuffing your eggs. Instead of filling them with chocolate or candy, try fun little toys or coins.


Make It A Lunch Hunt


Another alternative to a candy-filled egg hunt? Good Housekeeping suggested filling your eggs with healthy snacks and treats to serve up lunch at the same time.


Go Room By Room


April showers don't have to put a damper on your Easter fun. An egg hunt indoors can be just as exciting, according to Baby Center. Try assigning different rooms for each child to search through to keep them from ransacking your entire home.