9 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Look Like You Put In Actual Effort

Every year it happens. I say that I'm not going to dress up for Halloween, but on October 30, I regret my decision. So begins the mad dash to try to throw something together at the last minute. I will dig in my closet, scour Pinterest, check out Target's Dollar Spot and see what — or who — I can become in less than 24 hours. Not to brag, but I've become pretty good at it. With some imagination and a little face paint, you too, can piece together some last-minute Halloween costumes that look like you put in actual effort.

There are some staple pieces you should always have in your wardrobe that will make it so much easier to create a last minute costume: a black and white striped shirt, a solid black shirt, black jeans, blue jeans, and a plaid shirt. Those pieces alone are the foundation of at least 10 costumes. It's also good to have a stash of simple accessories: nerd glasses, beanie cap, cowboy hat, witch hat, and a bandanna. You can simply switch your accessories, and go to two different Halloween parties as two different characters on the same night.

Here are some last-minute costume ideas that don't look like you threw them together at the last minute.



Become a mime with a black and white striped top ($15), black pants ($24), black beret ($8), white gloves ($5), and some Halloween face paint ($8).



Easily transform into a lumberjack with a red plaid top ($18), dark jeans ($30),a beanie hat ($8), and some suspenders ($11). If you want an extra special touch, pick up a fake axe at the party store.


Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher is arguably the best animated character ever created. Recreate her look with a simple light blue t-shirt ($3), a blue skirt ($25), tube socks ($10), high top sneakers ($55), a yellow hair clip, and big black glasses ($10).


Black Cat

A black cat is the symbol of Halloween. Start with a plain black long sleeve shirt ($9), black pants ($24), cat ears headband ($15), some high top sneakers ($55), and black eyeliner ($5) for your nose and whiskers.



You can become a scarecrow with a plaid shirt ($17), dark jeans ($30), a floppy brown hat ($6), and Halloween face paint ($8). Give it the extra touch by stuffing some hay in your sleeves.



I've been different versions of this witch at least 10 times. It's super easy to put together and screams Halloween. Start with a black long sleeve shirt ($9), a black skirt ($17), a witch's hat ($2), striped socks ($8), and a straw broom ($5).


Rosie The Riveter

You can recreate Rosie the Riveter's look with a denim shirt ($16), wide leg jeans ($20), and a bandanna ($5 for six).



This is another cute and easy look. Pick out a plaid shirt ($17), dark jeans ($30), tie a bandanna ($5 for six) around your neck, and top it off with a cowboy hat ($13) and cowboy boots ($61).



Change a couple of pieces and your mime becomes a burglar. This easy Halloween look consists of a black and white striped top ($15), black pants ($24), a black mask ($16 for set of eight), a beanie hat ($8), and black gloves ($7).