9 Easy Pun Costumes For Kids To Trick-Or-Treat In This Halloween

Puns are some of the funniest jokes around because they hinge on wordplay and the silly idea that words can have more than one meaning. If being clever is your thing, then when Halloween rolls around, you may want to consider some easy pun costumes for your kids and family that will have the entire neighborhood reveling in your wittiness.

To be fair, this night is about the kids, not you. So, if your kid picked up your gene for wit, then he or she will be so into these pun costumes that showcase your child's sophisticated take on Halloween. But be warned: your kid will probably score more candy if he or she makes the neighbors laugh, so be prepared to handle a sugar high like no other if you dress your kid in a pun costume. Just saying.

They're adorable, they're PG (no naughty puns on this list), and they're (somewhat) original. Even if they might have been done before, they're still new to your kid, and, like I said before, this night is all about the kids. The following are super easy DIY Halloween costumes, and in many cases just involve combining a couple of store bought costumes and other household items. So, recreate, and while you do, have a good chuckle.



Bumble Bee Costume, $18, Amazon | "Hot Sauce In My Bag" Tote, $12, Amazon | Beyonce Wig, $20, Amazon

You're daughter is not just any bee, she's Queen B, AKA Bee-Yoncé. Pair a store bought bumble bee costume with a "Hot Sauce In My Bag" tote . Bey's had so many different hairstyles, you will have no problem finding a Beyoncé wig. Play Lemonade on repeat, and your daughter will slay Halloween.


French Toast

Black Beret, $9, Amazon | Cigarette Pants, $123, Amazon | Wedge Sneaker, $30, Amazon | Bread, $2, Amazon | Adhesive glue, $23, Amazon

Looking French is not all that difficult. Black beret, black cigarette pants , and funky wedge sneaker complete the look. You'll need some bread which you will then toast and attach to your kid's outfit with Poligrip Denture adhesive glue. Voila, French toast.


Oh, Deer

Sharpie Pens (Dozen), $6, Amazon | Deer Antler Headband, $9, Amazon |

If you can't find a t-shirt that just says, "Oh," on it (kind of tricky), just use fabric markers or good old permanent ink Sharpie pens to scribble the phrase onto an old t-shirt. Snag a deer antler headband and have your kid practice his or her worried expression when it comes time for trick-or-treating.


Monkey Business

Curious George Mask, $3, Amazon | Planet Of The Apes Mask, $28, Amazon | Boy's Dress Suit, $52, Amazon | Briefcase, $30, Amazon

This costume doesn't play around. From Curious George to Planet of The Apes you can easily find a monkey mask that suits your kid's personality. Now, pair with a formal boy's dress suit and a briefcase to stow all the good candy.



Pea Pod Costume, $20, Amazon | Eye Print T-Shirt, $9, Amazon | Evil Eye Ear Jackets, $30, Amazon | False Eyelashes, $15, Amazon

Jazz up a pea pod costume with all kinds of fun eye-themed accessories. You can score an eye-print t-shirt, and snazzy evil eye ear jackets that are totally re-wearable. Don't forget to add the false eyelashes that emphasize that you're kid is such an individual, she's an eye-pod.


Reigning Cats And Dogs

Tiara, $8, Amazon | Rain Slicker, $10, Amazon | Umbrella, $14, Amazon | Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $14, Amazon | Whisker-Print Beanie, $17, Amazon | Stuffed Animal, $10, Amazon

If your kid is on a power trip, this costume is the perfect fit. A tiara is an easy score, but that's not all your child will need to establish their reign. Get the rain gear in check with a slicker and umbrella. Fun cat accessories like cat-eye sunglasses, whisker-print beanie, take care of the kitties. And why not add some canine stuffed animals? Super cuteness will ensue.


Candy Rappers

Toy Microphone, $5, Amazon | Headphones, $119, Amazon | Candy Jewelry, $13, Amazon | Glitter Make-Up, $7, Amazon | Peppermint Candy Wrapper Costume, $30, Amazon

If your kid can spit rhymes like Nicki Minaj and happens to have a sweet tooth, they'll love this pun costume. You'll need a toy microphone and a smooth pair of headphones — which can double as an early holiday gift. Candy jewelry and glitter make-up will make this actual peppermint candy wrapper costume the bomb dot com.


Smarty Pants

Nerd Glasses, $4, Amazon | Smarty's Candies (5 lb), $18, Amazon | Denture Adhesive Glue, $23, Amazon

Before geek chic was a thing, nerds were always cool. But if you're a smarty pants, all you need for this super easy pun costume is a pair of pants, nerd glasses, and tons of Smarty's candies. Use Poligrip Denture adhesive glue to attach the candy to the pants.


Hippie Chick

Hooded Chick Vest, $20, Amazon | Tie-Dye Pants, $22, Amazon | Colored Glasses, $4, Amazon | Peace Medallion, $8, Amazon

A plush, hooded chick vest takes care of the chick part of the costume. Pair with some tie-dye pants, rimless colored glasses, and peace medallion, and you've got one hippie chick. If you're feeling extra cheeky, spring for some actual fried chicken. Totally groovy, man.